Relocating to Mexico

Hola!  I'm Charlie, although I introduce myself in Spanish as Carlito.  I have been considering ex-pat living for many years: France? Spain?  It seems, however, that Mexico makes great good sense.  Timing?  3-4 years.  Destination? San Miguel de Allende.  Two of my long-time friends from Massachusetts (I'm living in Salem) have built a house in SMA and moved in this past July.  Sadly I missed them; I was in SMA at the end of June/first few days of July prior to joining a guided tour of Aztec and Maya archaeological sites beginning in MexCity and ending in the Yucatan...a splendid adventure with a great guide (university trained archaeologist.)  Anyway, my time in Mexico was enjoyable from beginning to end.

I plan to be in San Miguel 26 December to mid January as a temp-"resident"...Airbnb apartment, going to the market, cooking meals, every day tasks, exploring more of the city and immediate environs...not so much a "tourist" adventure as a settle in to SMA for 3 weeks...see how it feels.  Of course I will visit with my Massachusetts friends, now residents of SMA and hope to make some new acquaintances and friends.  The guide from the July tour who lives in MexCity is planning to come to SMA for a few days visit.  It will be fun to see him again.  Crazy guy!!!!

One thing I will be thinking about in January is...what will I DO if/when I relocate.  I'm not one to just sit around.  I will want a job or volunteer "job."  I need the structure, I think.  Although by the time the relocation happens, maybe I will just want to sit around.  I doubt that, seriously, however.  So, January is a test run.  If successful, there would be others before relocating.

Any advice out there????

Are you coming as a tourist?  Here is some info re: SMA..

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