Mexico travel warnings

How are people reacting to the US travel warnings to Mexico?
Is anyone concerned about the drug cartels in Michoacan moving into Guanajuato in particular SMA?
Is anyone concerned about what the warnings will do to the housing market in SMA?
I was all set to buy a house I love but now I'm scared. I don't want to invest in a house that might lose most of it's value and don't want to live in the state of GTO if it's becoming a stronghold of the drug cartels.  Even if it's relatively safe in SMA what about traveling to other parts of Mexico?

I would be more afraid of being severely hurt or being killed! property value would not be as important. I left SMA after living there from 2012 to 2016.. it's too dangerous for my tastes.

Just curious 1happykamper, are you from the U.S. and did you return back to the states? I'm leaving for my first trip to SMA in less than a week with my daughter (in elementary school). I'm a seasoned traveler so know how to be cautious. In general, what would be your advice to someone in term of security? It's upsetting to read posts like yours because San Miguel seems so awesome in many ways and I was thinking perhaps a good retirement option for us.

I live in Michoacan and have never had a problem.That being said I would never buy a house here and I make sure that everyone is aware that I am renting.I did buy a place in Huatulco but that is a tourist resort,different ballgame altogether.As far as the US travel advisories go,I don’t put too much stock in them.I don’t ignore them either.

For what it's worth:

Click here for latest U.S. State Department Travel Advisories in Mexico


I would love to know about your house and experience in owning in Huatulco.

I lived in puerto Vallarta and cancun for 17 years
Mexico is not the same country today as it was in the 80’s and 90’s...because of the cartels.  I would heed the travel warnings and beyond that even
If you have any doubt, go to

I would not buy a house...too difficult to sell when the time comes
I owned a house in Puerto took 7 years to sell
Rent gives you freedom to leave if you want to or need to

Joyanne’ r u traveling to SMA....don’t even consider road travel...too dangerous...and you are taking a child?

its just a small getaway place that I bought from my father,he had had it since the mid 70s.

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