Hello Everyone!

     I would like to ask about homeschooling here in Saigon. Can you please recommend an elementary school? We’re really new to homeschooling and we have no idea how to start the journey. Any helpful advice and info would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

Hi where do you live here in Saigon? cause there are Schools in D2, Tan binh and district 7 for you to choose, it's a filipino owned School

Maybe I am just OLD to homeschooling. But I homeschooled my children at HOME. I thought there was only about 3 types of schools, Private school, public school and homeschool. Is there something new going on.

Modern technology has given parents a selection of home school options

Search on the net and you'll find the options

Private schools in HCMC and in Vietnam are not value for money

Been there done that

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