let's learn vietnamese together

im korean living in district 1.
now im working  almost 1 year but my vietnamese skill is horrible even though im trying
so Welcome everyone who wants to learn vietnamese and  volunteer for teaching!
pls contact me feel free!

Let's meet sometimes for Vietnamese, welcome :)

hi, I am Nguyen. I am from Vietnam. I can teach you some Vietnamese. I can use some english and also I wan to learn your language, so you and I can teach each other our language.

I have two questions:

-Is Vietnamese a hard language to learn, especially for an American?
-What are languages are widely spoken in Vietnam?

I think it's not hard, beacause  Vietnam and English all use the same alphabet. Just a little different some of them.
and of couse, Vietnamese language is widely used.
If you want to learn vietnamese, I can teach you free :)

under what conditions?

it's simpIe. I want to learn english, so you and I can learn together.  :)

whats your goal: to become more fluent in speaking/listening English, right?

yes. I really enjoy talk with many foreign people. so it's opportunities for learn languages :)

To learn other languages like?

Let's practice more speaking and listening, that way to improve your language

are you sure? it should be the other way around, since you might not be exposed to many english speaking foreigners

of course, I usually learn language online, this is the fast way to learn languages

I could help you with your English (and Spanish if you want) if you (are willing) to help me with a bit of Vietnamese.

I am very happy to help you in Vietnamese. Hope you will discover many interesting things of Vietnamese culture!
Currently, I am in Sai Gon, you can contact me anytime, I will arrange time for you.

What are the interesting things about hcmc

There are historical monuments, pedestrian walkways, unique buildings, diverse culinary and culinary delights and a particularly interesting traffic attraction.
In addition, TPCHM also has fun spots like streets for foreigners
I think you will be very impressed and excited to come to Vietnam :)

Hi guys, I also really want to join, may I ? Please feel free to call me whenever you have any appoinments. My phone number is ***

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I can help with both Vietnamese and English if you guys need a hand. Inbox me if you do.

I suppose you can communicate in English right? I am also looking for study partner for Vietnamese. However I am looking at local school which is alot cheaper compared to the one tailored for foreigners. Do you require certification for Vietnamese learning? If you require then local school would not be suitable for you.

Hi, I'm Cong
I'm from Vietnam. I speak English and Vietnamese.
Recently, I studied Korean and I am looking for someone to speak with.
I can teach you Vietnamese if you want.
Nice to meet you

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Interested to have a language exchange partner, too.  I speak English and Filipino, and would like to learn to speak Vietnamese.

contact me, i can help. I am vietnamese (origin) and australian. I speak vietnamese and english well.

I am Thanh - Vietnamese guy. I can share with you 1 or 2 days per week. please contact via email : ***

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Hello Guys

I also love to join and want to improve my Vietnamese; please count on me if you guys decided to meet anywhere.

Nice thread we have here it would be great to find some committed ppl to study and practice together previously i use to study with a local on every sat 2 hours . My friend is alot busy cant make it so it would be great to meet more ppl committed to learning.

I live in go vap work in D1 let me know where we can meet :) and times we can adjust.
i am free on weekends

I am free on weekends as well. It would be great to set a schedule to meet up. Any suggestions?

Anyone up to creating a language exchange group?

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