Looking for a good place to learn Vietnamese


I am moving to Saigon in less than a week, and I plan on learning Vietnamese. Does anyone have good suggestions for a place to learn? Any schools or private tutors?


Hahaha, dont worry. In case you are teaching me Eng, i will help you with Vietnamese. Btw, i'm living in district 2.


You can check this school -

Hope that can help you

By the way, a meeting will be great with local ,it will help you a lot

I am stay at your disposal


Hi Jimmy,
Welcome to Vietnam! It is great that you want to learn our language because it is not easy. There are many schools that teach Vietnamese for foreigners in HCMC. The option based on your budget and your target of learning Vietnamese.  However, we- Vietnamese even don’t know which one was qualified and has good quality so I just suggest you a place that was experienced by my expat colleagues. According to their feedbacks, Vietnamese Language Studies Saigon (VLS) is very good, but the tuition is pretty high. Here is the website:
You can survey others to have the best choice. Good luck!

I second (also recommend) Vietnamese Language Garden highly. It is just across a canal from District 1 in Binh Thanh. I have been attending for two months. The teachers are great, very patient, and speak excellent English so they can answer questions and describe grammar, etc. All one-on-one instruction (no group classes) at your pace. Email the owner Thao, her email is on the website.

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We can make friend if you like.

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I studied at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and they have great programs and a lot of different class times are available. I would strongly recommend AGAINST trying to learn with someone who wants to "make friend" with you or engage in "cultural exchange". Vietnamese pronunciation is crucial to being understood and the pronunciation is very different from English. Just because someone knows Vietnamese doesn't mean that they know how to explain to a foreigner how to correctly make the sounds so they can be understood. Going to a legitimate language teacher who went to college to study how to teach Vietnamese is going to help you out one hundred times more than some random person that wants to find an excuse to get you to help them practice their English under the guise of helping you with Vietnamese.

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Hi James. I'm looking for a job as a private totur lately. I guarantee  you can communicate Vietnamese well in a year. If you need me, you can call ***. I got an IELTS 7.5 and experiences in English tutoring and English teaching.

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If you live in D1, I suggest you learn VN language at VLS.

I am learning at there for 2 weeks. My VN skill has much improved.

You can find more information here:

I would like to suggest you go to bookshop and buy some book  with CD, So you can improve your basic Vietnamese and then will find somewhere else to learn.

Hi James. Have you found a place to learn Vietnamese yet? If you're interested, I think I can help you. I'm originally from Saigon. I guess you can count on my Vietnamese accent. I have a BA in English and IELTS 7.0. I have 4 year experience in tutoring English since college, but I guess I can tutor Vietnamese as well. We can meet and have some discuss about this if you like. You can have free trial basic Vietnamese language lessons before you decide anything. I formerly worked at Harvey Nash and Iived in Europe for two years. I basically like to connect to Westerners everywhere and I'm willing to help you. Sincerely.

Hi Samhg,

Welcome to :)

I invite you to drop an advert on Language classes in Saigon so as members of the Saigon Forum could also look for your services.

Thank you


Wow! You are so kind and it is great that you find 'westerners' so interesting. Can you teach me vietnamese for 'free' too? Also, do my shopping, change the oil on my motorbike, clean my apartment for free too? Thank you so much, you are so great and selfless...

Hello Philip. Since you called yourself English, I find myself drop dead amazed at your reading comprehension, or word twisting skills, idk. Either way, I doubt it helps you in any real life situation without making a fool of yourself. When I say I'm willing to help, I mean I'll do my best to make things work out. It does not necessarily have to be free or summat. Besides, free trial lesson doesn't hurt anyone, does it?

U should go to university to learn it.

Try ..Annie teaches Vietnamese on utube. She is uni educated fun to learn from and explains well and pronounces vn words clearly.

I strongly reccomend Annie too. A really sweet girl with a genuine interest in promoting her language and culture. She has a small language centre now on Vo Thi Sau in D3.

There is no way you will learn to speak or listen to Vietnamese language without a teacher trained in pronunciation, in person, face to face. Even skype lessons are inadequate because the tones are subtle, many sounds just do not exist in English.

Test yourself, see if your Vietnamese friend or hotel desk clerk can understand you. Ask about these nearby cities/towns:
- Nha Trang
- Cần Thơ
- Vũng Tàu
- Tân An
- Rạch Giá

Dear Jimmy,
I am an experienced teacher.  SO I would like to teach you VNESES. Pls let me know these things:
Where are you from?
Where are you staying now?
How long will you be in VN?
If there is no difficulty about the time and distance, we can meet each other for more information.
If you want to study VNese, I will teach you with an easy way.
Everything will be debated when we meet in person.
Pls link me at xxx

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i  am glad to be your vietnamese tutor

hey, have you find a good one?

Hi Jame,
For professional course of Vietnamese learning, lead to this University Or you can learn everywhere by meeting with students who gather around the 23.9 park dist 1 (DeTham street), other choise is going to language exchange group such as "Saigon International Friends" club,

Hope you great mate.

Hi Jimmy,
Im Hong Vinh, i used to be a Vietnamese tutor and  can teach you for free, if you no more need a tutor can we make friend? btw i live in dis3

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xin chào.have a nice day .
my name is Chi min.Do you have a private teacher?

Contact Carol Dinh in fb. She is experienced.

Hi, please contact facebook vicky house villa, I am a tutor in Vietnamese and adapt to your flexible time.

JamesA6117 :


I am moving to Saigon in less than a week, and I plan on learning Vietnamese. Does anyone have good suggestions for a place to learn? Any schools or private tutors?



good luck

Hope you are doing well in Saigon for now.

Are you still looking to study Vietnamese.

This really gave me some pointers where to start learning Vietnamese.


I think we can exchange language, I want to find some one native English speaker to talk and in exchange I can teach Vietnamese to you as well as give guidance and also ride motocycle to pickup you to visit some interesting place in Hochiminh city.

Looking forward to hearing from you
Que An

Hi. there are classes in ho chi minh university that provide Vietnamese class classified in 3 level.

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