Medical Insurance and Care

Hi Im Sam and due to relocate Mid Jan.  I would like some medical advice.  what do other expats do.  I do not want to use Candos hospital ever have had way to many traumatic experiences there.  Is there any private hospitals, doctors etc.


Of course you can get private healthcare in Mauritius...there are like a dozen of private clinics and hundreds of doctors with private practices!
You will need a healthcare plan.

Thanks i know that there are, i wanted to know what people are using and whats the best options and how to go about it

I prefer private cliniques and doctors exclusively. Especially with my child who requires special attention.

However, if a real emergency occurs, as always, go to your nearest hospital or clinique. I am sure they can always transfer you to your hospital of choice once they got you stabilized.

Best is to have some sort of medical cover. This has come in handy a few times for us.

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