Maternity ward (package) in Mauritius

I would be very greatfuI if someone can tell me how much it costs the maternity ward (package) in clinics of Mauritius..
Package i mean the days of stay , the doctor, etc...
Normal delivery and C section as well..

plz reply me. its urgent. thank you

Hello Pakita1 :cheers:

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Delivery in Clinics around Mauritius has different costs ranging from Rs 50 000 to Rs 100 000 in case of c-section.

Some of the most notable Clinics in Mauritius for delivery include : Apollo, Darné & Bon Pasteur.

Do you have an insurance? The full cost if usually covered depending on your insurance company and package.


Ok thank you so much for your reply Kenjee..
Unfortunately i dnt have medical insurance

It's better if you call the individual clinics as the prices differ greatly between them.

Yes thank you, i know but i was asking for an average how much it costs.

Also wanted to know what the costs are ? From what I hear there is a 2 year exclusion if you arrive and get pregnant .

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