Settlement of Fixed deposit account in cash

Hello everybody ,
good day
does anyone know  if it's possible to bring the required amount of MM2H 300 K RM to be settled in cash and not been wired transfer ???
my problem is the sanctions against any banks in Syria so the transaction of external transfer is impossible , I just got my conditional approval letter of MM2H but I'm afraid to  bring the equvelant of requered amount in cash USD and get rejected by the banks
if anybody knows please advice
best regards and have a nice day

You need to apply to the national bank in Malaysia to bring in that amount of mjoney as it is far above the legal limit. With their permission the banks here should not be able to refuse iit. I have seen people depositing cash at major bnks.

thanks  for information
I tryed to contact any Malaysian bank via website but I failed to get iny details
I appreciate if you give me ant tips about how to contact national bank please
best regards

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