Opening bank account in KL

Hello everyone,
I am Iranian and just moved to KL. My husband is of another nationality and has no difficulties opening an account. However, we have experienced that certain banks are not allowing Iranian nationals to open an account, have a joint account or even a supplementary card!
If you have any information on which banks ( either local or international) I can either open an account,  have a joint account or supplementary cards with my husband, would appreciate to be advised.
*I am not working at the moment.
Many thank,

Hello, as you are not working or in business it will be difficult for you. But your husband will be easier as he has a business. You can discuss with the HSBC Bank or Standard Chartered Bank.
Best of luck.

You can get prepaid mastercard of may bank
its very easy to get


A supplementary card under your husband would be your best bet.

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