Hair fall

Hello! Am having several hair problems lately. My hair is very very greasy (i have to wash almost everyday) and has also been falling a lot. i wanted to know if i should go see a dermatologist or go to a hair salon for treatment...
If you have any recommendations please let me know.. thanks :)

Hi there, sorry to hear to your hair issues. I have the same and know how upsetting it is.  Try Vatika for hair loss.  It won't cure the problem or the root cause, but I have seen a difference since using it and it helps with the greasiness too. You can get it from Shoprite - its a green plastic bottle.

Try using the shampoo Vichy and it's serum. It helps a lot but it's quite costly. You can also use Folten which is similar. They are usually available at pharmacies.

Hello~ thanks a lot... i will try it :D

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