Moving to uganda

Hi, I am moving from Australia to Kampala around me the end of October and had a few questions for those who have already done it 😊
What is the average rent like in a safe, decent area of Kampala? (I will be working in naguru, but I know it is quite expensive there).
What is the average monthly salary needed for a decent expat type lifestyle?
Is it cheaper to get household items shipped or buy new things over there?
Any tips would be appreciated 😊

Hi Wendihart
Check out my blog Diary of a Muzungu for a few tips on life in KLA / UG.
Many single expats pay around $500 for rent of a room in a house, however you can pay as little as $200.
Others pay $1000 or $2000 for modern s/contained apartments.
Buy new or 2nd hand stuff here. Shipping is expensive. Only worth doing if A. your co. is paying for it or B. you will be staying a few years

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