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Hi,  I am moving to Uganda soon, and I am now  still staying in Kenya.  I am thinking whether I should take my mattress and bed to Uganda, or I can buy there easily.  Mattress does matter for me because I have problem with my back, I found in Nairobi a brand  of mattress 'comfort' which is okay for my back, I bought from Nakumatt, I  heard there is Nakumatt as well in Uganda but I am not sure if the brand is available there.

How about the price in Uganda? is it more  or less expensive than Kenya.  I bought/ordered the  king size bed (mahogany wood) from the carpenter for the price of  about $400 and the mattress for $400 from Nakumatt, so total is $800.  I can sell them here for 50% discount and bought new ones in Uganda if available. The price to send the goods to Uganda is also expensive, so I prefer to buy there if it is available.
Please advise whether I can buy easily  the comfortable mattress in Uganda and if it is easy also to order the bed from the carpenter. |Many thanks in advance!

Hallo, many thanks for the information. This is very useful.

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You can get better prices in Uganda, at Nyumbani decor, Euroflex among other furniture marts

yes it is easy and possible to buy n order in uganda

Its easy and cheap to buy it from Uganda

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