Starting a nursery

Hello guys in Uganda,,
Im seeking advise and knowledge from you,, if I want to start a nursery in Uganda ,what's the first step?what do I need to know first,,how much d u think its gonna cost me?

Thank you all

Hi , by nursery let me hope kindergarten not for plants.
Well you can start if you have a home for starters (Rent will be from 500Usd per month of cause this varies Im using a relatively upscale neighborhood , Furniture, fitting , toys etc (Say onetime fee 5000Usd) tutors and licenses -600usd pm , a School van -   8000USD - food and drinks -500USD pm utilities  100Usd
here we are looking at 500Kids at average 307Usd per term (3months)

Now you get the idea-  I can do  for you a more detailed plan incase you are interested

Good luck and God bless

May I ask you of your project has moved forward ? Have you finally tried to open a nursery ?

For starters, you'd need I think licensing from the ministry of education and sports, then inspection from the kkca officials if u plan on setting up one around Kampala or district local government personnel upcountry. Dessist from using middlemen as they might rip u off and take away with them much more than just your resources. Demand for direct or semi direct involvement to avoid mishaps. Basically that would get you good to go from the on set.

Hello Kiconco

Well for starters, it all comes down to your budget and the location, among other factors, all varying from district to district. But if I am not mistaken, you might have to bring on board the Ministry of Education & Sports and KCCA officials if you plan on setting up one in Kampala. And upcountry, it must be the local government education officers at the district level. You also have to be in possession of your updated financial details, perhaps declaring your source of financing, and most importantly, make sure you are hands on and directly involved so as not to be duped by some illicit elements who under the pretext of helping you, are literally stealing from you, blindly. So for starters, have the right contacts and make sure you are updated on the step-by step structure of how things evolve.

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