Good schools to work at

Hi guys,

Im new to this forum, site. I would like to know if any of you are already working in schools that have good working environment, fine pay, etc etc...I read up on Sayfol and cempaka. So im not going to apply there. I used to work at Sri KDU private school.

I was thinking of Stella maris, Sri bestari etc..

Anyone care to share?

I've heard UCSI in Subang Jaya has a good working environment

thanks for your reply :)

Actually it is not a good school to work at. The CEO is a local Chinese bully and the teachers are NOT qualified. Big turnover in teachers... most don't finish there contracts and just pack up and leave.
The building is old and literally falling apart... you should go see for yourself. No child is safe in this school.

The heads of USCI Subang are caucasians -

I worked at this school... CEO is a local Chinese she's not on that page for a reason ;)

Those teachers you see are either unqualified or have already left. Don't believe everything you see on that website.
Most of those teachers are not returning to the school in September and some have already left...
Have you visited this school? It's an old building and it is LITERALLY falling apart. Check it out...

There's a member today asking about several schools perhaps  you could comment for her on that thread?


I won't comment on other teachers... You should ask her yourself.

Okay... will do!

Thank you for putting up my question again in thread but i am still waiting for reply from anyone.

You probably wont hear anything. Try joining the Indian Expats in Malaysia FB group instead and ask there.

Thank u for information.

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