Hi all

Does anyone know if there is a Competitive football leage etc in jeddah, Expats or mixed?

Looking for a team to train and play with


did you find any team mate.. ?

Are you playing somewhere now.. I used to play a few years back.. would like to start playing again...

Yeah mate we have a mixed team playing in yanbu, one of the guys is trying to get his company to sponsor a leauge.

The best place is khobar

thayve got a great set up.

Thats sounds great.

I am in yanbu now. Pls lemme know if you have a spot open.

Yeah, we play on a Friday @ 5 usually meeting at the raddison then travelling to the ground, where are you living?? Pm mr if you don't want to announce it or r90ssb[at]

I live in yanbu al Bahr. I will meet you at radisson blu on friday @ 5pm.

We all live in yanbu al bahr!!

Where you from?? We have a mixture of austrian's, Finnish, German and a jock, and Saudis

I am from new delhi india. You can add a south asian to the list. :D


We are creating expats team and have running football games. We are planning to start an Expats league in Jeddah. If you are interested and any of your friends, please contact me to arrange.


Hi I am no longer in KSA , where will you be playing un Jeddah?? I know there would be lots of expats interested in sharbahtly

We are the Arabian Homes team. I will be interested to talk to someone there. Do you have any names?

Hi I am interested in all sports and living in Jeddah, need something to do when not teaching!

i'm in too !

contact me if you interested in playing soccer 054 4638 400

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am a Ghanaian international base in hail saudi arabia looking for a football club to any interested partner either agent or should please contact me..thank very muc.NB. am a free agent now.

i want to u to help me get a team to play for

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