Shopping for Vegetarian and Vegan Products

Hi everyone

I have just moved to Budapest and I am trying to find the best places to shop for vegetarian and vegan products. I have found a lot of places to eat out but I am struggling to shop for products.

I have found a few shops which sell some of the products, such as coconut oil, etc, that I am looking for but they seem to be a little expensive. I am also finding it hard to find some products such as jackfruit.

Are there any vegan/vegetarian shops that anyone could recommend in the city?

Thank-you, Hannah :)

I have been a vegetarian for 25 years. Hungary is better today than back in 1998 when I first visited, especially with some restaurants, but still not as vegetarian aware as other countries. True story at one restaurant about 7 years ago, I said I am vegetarian, and I do not eat meat, so they delivered my lentil soup with a rind of fat in it instead of the meat --  after all, fat is "technically" not "meat".  And I still, today, get pointed to the fish menus if I say I am vegetarian. :rolleyes:

But as you said, retail is still a problem. Organic stores (Biobolt) or other stores that have a organic or vegetarian section are very expensive.  I would be surprised if you could find jackfruit anywhere in Hungary. Too exotic. Not enough of a market. And quite frankly I personally wouldn't buy such even if they did offer it because I do mostly slow food now. Usually buy local fruits, vegetables, beans, etc at the farmer's market. Which means, I eat what is locally in season for each time of the year. Which means rather than jackfruit I would instead buy figs (jackfruit and figs are related), which do grow in Hungary. Works fine.

Hello Hannah,

I also recently moved to Budapest and have been struggling in finding vegan products. There is one shop though in which I found vegan cheese and soy yoguhrt, I can't remember the name right now but it is located on Karoly korut, between Kiraly and Wesselenyi utca. I hope this helps.
Please let me know if you have found any other vegan-friendly store !



Hi Sophie

I have found a few places now.

There is BIO ABC and Le-Bar on Múzeum krt, just by Vega City. There is also Bio Egészség Biobolt on Ràkóczi út. And then there is Szép Kis India International Exotic Market on Wesselényi ut, where you can get tempeh and jackfruit, etc.

Hope this helps and you are enjoying your time in Budapest :)


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