Buying furniture in Budapest

We have just moved in from the UK. Got a house in district 16 to move in next month.
We have brought some furniture with us, but left a lot behind.
Where would you recommend to go and buy some good quality wardrobes, drawers, etc but not expensive.
New or second hand doesn't matter.
Is there any good online links to follow?

Sorry, the title is meant to read "Buying Furniture in Budapest".
But I can't seem to be able to edit the title now! :)

Hi,have you tried R&S at the 13th district yet and there are similar shops around too.You can check on Facebook groups and Jófogá also

We have bought some reasonably good quality, furniture (chairs, mattresses, cabinets) from Butor. It was not exactly cheap, but we bought solid wood items, not particle board. The mattresses we bought at Butor were from Switzerland (so was our bed frame, but we brought the bed frame with us from Switzerland).

You can look on " "for furniture used but the link is all in Hungarian.
Ikea time maybe?
We find most furniture here in HU is either nice stuff that is way overpriced or cheapo junk stuff. is another link.

I inherited my MIL 1978 commie stuff , we planned on buying more modern things but as time went by we just got used to this stuff.
Practical but not comfortable.
She did buy all these things brand new when we came to visit here in 1978. She did up her whole house just for us so at least this stuff as had a good run for the money.

I brought most of my furniture with me and funded three trips so never again!
I also purchased two large sofas and a sofa bed and a few small things on Facebook. There are three or four Facebook groups that sell second hand furniture.
However, some of the sellers sell Ikea items for almost as much money as it would be new in the store so it's worth checking the original prices.

Depending on your budget, both Kika and Ikea would have options.
I bought most of my furniture at these places and am quite happy with them.

Vicces1 :

Ikea would have options.

The great thing about Ikea furniture is if you move, you can dismantle it, take it apart, lay it flat, and move it easily.

I am sitting right now in an Ikea chair, which we bought in Switzerland, dismantled, and brought here. Almost all our non-Ikea furniture (or which was not similar to Ikea and could not be taken apart) stayed in Switzerland.

But once here, we wanted a different style than Ikea normally provides, so we shopped elsewhere for the rest.  ;)

Very true. And another thing is that if you have a missing part of something from Ikea, you can always get a new one even if you've moved to a different country!

I think many people discount Ikea furniture; But I've had mine in good condition for 10 years and now am thinking of replacing the furniture.  You can buy quality at Ikea and at Kika. I think it's more about budget and style.

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