where to buy 2nd hand furniture in budapest

Hey locals and expats!

I'm planning to go on a trip to budapest this summer hoping to find some decent and affordable quality contemporary furniture (Chairs, Table, Drawers, Desk) for my new flat.
I'm looking into buying second hand, for my budget isn't too big :-) Would you have any insider tips for me? Are there any good second hand shops, furniture shops, hotel furniture outlets or flea markets in town?

Thank you!


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May be you can also post an advert (Listing the furniture you need) on the Buy & Sell section of Budapest Classifieds page.


Oddly enough I know nothing like that in Hungary!
There are district-wide "garbage days" once or twice a year, when a lot of perfectly good stuff gets piled on the curbs.
There are flea markets, but furniture is rare.
Garage sales do not exist.
The freecycle movement has not gained much momentum yet, but worth a shot, your interest may contribute to its development.

Hi Morris , I can recommend you a good website where other expats are selling their furniture when they are leaving the city
expatloop. Check it out!

Hi Morris,

I live near the Parliament but I m moving into a smaller appartemnet and I am selling Art Deco furniture. Please contact me if you are interested.
My e mail emuhararay[at]
phone number 3028395

Hi Morris,

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Please feel free to post an advert in the Housing in Budapest, this might be helpful. :)

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Can I please kindly ask to send this link to me also?
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