Ziploc bags?

Any one knows where we can score some ziploc bags in Budapest?  Can't find them in supermarkets.  Thanks.

I saw them in the Chinese stores that are all over and the Euro stores.

I haven't been able to find the kind in the US. I had someone bring me a large bunch of them when they came to visit. I wash and reuse them forever.

The ones I saw here were not the ZIPLOCK  brand , they just had the ziplock on top of them and were by the plastic containers. Otherwise I also have looked for them high and low and never found them anywhere.

DM and TESCO have them. As well as KIK. Good luck :-)

That's great news.  Is what Tesco an d DM have actually called Ziploc, or the same kind with a different name?  Thanks.

At DM it runs under the brand Profissimo. I am not sure, what is the name at Tesco, but you will find it with the garbage bags, foils, etc....good luck!

No, I have never seen Ziploc (or Hefty) brand bags in Budapest.  I make do with regular fold-top sandwich bags (Uzsonna zacsko) for everyday use, but I too desperately need good quality "freezer" bags for food storage and crushing cookies/cereal for recipes (regular bags break)
The larger Interspars and Tescos have a similar product, I've found them rolled up in a box, with 3 different sizes in the package.
Try Muller (Blaha Lujza ter, KOKI terminal, Corvin Plaza, and the shopping center near the airport) if you can't find anything. They have lots of foreign products, and of course it's more expensive, but sometimes you just NEED the convenience and quality!

Thanks. … irect_link[/url]&utm_campaign=direct_link[/url]

You can always buy them online . If you buy in bulk the shipping is cheaper.

I have found similar ones to Ziplock at a great & reasonable price, not of that brand though, but at Ikea :)
Hope this helps!
Find them here: Ikea - Kitchen Stuff

IKEA has the best but Tesco carries them too … 4010886492

I was buying them at Ikea, but when I went back the last time, they were all gone. The salesperson told me that was the end of them.

I brought Ziploc bags with me - they are very handy.

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