Marriage in Lebanon

Hi all,

I and my Fiance are coming to Lebanon this August and would love to get married there. I m Roman Catholic, he is Russian Orthodox. Both of us are Lithuanian Nationals.
What steps do I need to make in order to get married? We prefer civil one, but if impossible, Christian would also work :)
We need step-by-step guidance in terms of documents, fees, places to go, things to acquire.
Thank you in advance

Hello, civil marriage in Lebanon is not possible simply because of religious matters, i had my civil marriage in Malayasia. If you have a Lebanese background (Father family etc..) i think it would be easier, if not then it depend on the church and Lebanese laws because your marriage would be registered in Lebanon and surely you will need to register it again in your country. In Lebanon the church is chosen upon the male religion, but i strongly recommend that you contact any church before coming to Lebanon, so you have full information from a trusted cleric. About marriage fees, an average Lebanese marriage cost around 30,000 USD (church, cars, restaurant, hotel etc..)

Hi Alcastive,
:) I had no idea, how difficult it would be. I don't mind registering it in LTU once again. It just seems such a great country to come back every 5 years or so and remember the reason :)
Actually, it is just us and two friends in Lebanon, a party in Lithuania afterwards.
Thank you for the info, well appreciated :)
Wish us luck! :D

Well if you have 2 Lebanese friends you already have 2 witnesses to make the required Church marriage papers, i forget to mention if you want to pay just for the church marriage cost it cost around 2000 USD, so if you are just 4 people you don't need to rent cars, and make a big invitation book a restaurant etc..  so after the papers done you will end up paying up to you. 

You can book a fancy 5 stars hotel suite (i suggest for 250USD per night, and go to fancy restaurant pay about 200USD for 4 people.

I just try to give you some ideas that you can do after your marriage done, you will end up paying maybe 5% of the average Lebanese marriage :) i hope your Lebanese friends can help you contact any church that can help you getting married. Good Luck !

So it’s fine to do it in Malaysia?
Can you please advise cos am trying to fine place to get civil marriage but it’s seems to be so hard
How long it took and the cost for it
What’s the requirements for that in Malaysia
Thanks and am sorry it’s not on Lebanon topic

Hello Sally, if you are living in Lebanon or Iraq i suggest you go to cyprus as it's near more than Malaysia, but i have no idea about it's cost, in Malaysia i had to pay for the required transfer papers more than the express civil marriage, actually the marriage paper cost me only around 100$ it's so cheap but the required paper transfers from my Lebanon and Thailand to Malaysia cost me nearly 800$, the required papers you will find them on this site and the procedures needed: … e2289-ce06

Well my bf he is American and with new rules he can’t go to Cyber as part of Turkey
It’s just all that seems too complicated
And in every place somthing different and extra step
Thank you for your help I will see how that will work out

Dear sally, for Arab nations you can get 3 months visa in Malaysia but sadly they are giving 15 days only for Iraqi people because of the situations but i think they are not enough for making your papers ready as you must visit many departments for the processing, but i hope you can extend it if you told them that you are there for civil marriage purpose, if not their are other ways you can do but you have to cross the borders and pay bribe to some people to extend your visa.

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