Recognition of foreign qualifications in Lebanon

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Lebanon? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Lebanon or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


As for my experience holding a foreign certification, when i had to work with the government while doing my military service, my certification was not approved, but i was hired anyway because i showed another Lebanese certification (which is less degree than the foreign one), so if you have to work with the government a foreign certification or degree is not approved but usually that is the only case in governmental and Army related companies, in other commercial company my certification was highly taken into consideration specially if it was american certification related to technical like mine which was the MCSE computer system engineering certificate.

I think (and not sure) that if you have a legal you need to do some sorts of tests or maybe as mentioned go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognized, bu as far as i know Engineers and Doctors can practice their jobs using their foreign degree with no problems.

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