Do and don't in Lebanon

Are you living in Lebanon? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Lebanon?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Lebanon?


I have visited Beirut before and from the cathegory "do's" i can mention: try to be nice and smile most of the time.

to do: enjoy food, go snowboarding in faraya, party in beirut, visit the cedars forest in les cedres, visit la bekka valley, smile, learn french, watch and learn,...

don't do: look a girl if she's with a guy, talk politics or religion, be rude, smoke outside(h), think of one night stand, ....

i guess you should feel what you can't do....

and haaaaaaaaaaaaave fun!!!!!!


yeap! I forgot to mention: learn french and eat all the food you have in your plate and ask for more (especially if you're skinny). Do not refuse to go to dinners organized by friend's family.
Try to learn arabic (actually lebanese). I speak a little bit of fusha, but it's not enough to have a fluent conversation since most of people are using dialect, not fusha.

This is what I've learned so far...
If you are moving from a western culture:

. if you have visitors over do insist on offering juice, fruit, cake and finish off with coffee.
. Make sure you always keep your house clean in case someone comes over unexpectedly; mostly no one calls to tell you they're coming over.
. while driving do cut people off courteously cause u'll never get through
. When saying hello kiss 3 times on the cheeks. It is also common for men to kiss each other hello.

. Don't offer coffee 1st when someone comes over; it means you're telling them to leave.
. don't wait in line you'll never get your turn
. Don't trust everyone that is friendly with you. Many are friendly few are honest (my experience)

Good luck!

-Use any Arabic expressions you may learn - even if it makes the real Lebbies laugh they will love it.
-Be aware that when you invite a friend over and if you know their family, it may be appropriate to invite the whole lot at least once.
-Have decent pyjamas - the Lebanese do a lot in their pyjamas, including going out to buy a paper, telling off the neighbours, and lazing around with guests.
-Ask politely before taking photos of people at close range.
-Take advantage of the wonderful social life and how much you can learn about people!

-Don't get a complex about people staring - it's normal.
-Wear revealing clothing in religious places.
-Expect normal amenities to work - it's all part of the fun!

Um okay since i'm lebanese i'm gonna start with the do's:
-Learn french and arabic (specifically lebanese)
-Eat many plates of what they serve you so they know you like it.
-Be amazed when you look at something they show you with enthusiasm (culture , etc..)
-Kiss 3 times on the cheek while saying hello, even men! and do that with shaking hands.
-Try learning how to make tabbouleh and hummus.
Okay now with the don'ts
-Don't think of a one night stand with a girl because in Lebanon most of the girls don't sleep with guys until they're officially married because if they do, the girls will be considered as b***
-Don't you dare ever talk about politics or religion, don't bring that subject at all
-Don't look at a girl if she's with a boy it might get you in trouble.
-Don't make any mockery on anything in the country because they will get offended, Very.
-While driving, don't wait for the traffic light to become yellow because in Lebanon they will think you're stupid or completely lost your mind.
-Don't brag about your city wherever you come from Lebanese people can be very offended
-Don't be scared if someone stares at you from a long distance while talking with someone else, it's something normal here lol
-Never tell a lebanese woman that she's fat , NEVER EVER.
-Never count lebanon as an Arabic country idk why but that's just the way it is.
-Don't trust anyone, actually act like you do but just DON'T.
-Never wear revealing clothes in some spiritual places like Churches.

i guess that's all😝 enjoyyyy

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