Looking for foreigners who speaks English to hangout with

Is there any foreigners here in Bydgoszcz who would like to go out and explore the city with me? By the way, I'm Kisha, 23 years old, married from the Philippines. I am married with a Polish guy but he works and lives in UK so I am pretty much alone here all the time. I only have a friend or 2 here but they are both busy so it's really hard to go out and go to pub alone so I was hoping I could find some nice people here I could go out and explore the city with. I've been here for 9 months now, but I've only been out in a pub 3 times since I arrived here. Poor me :( I am not much of a drinker really, but it would be really nice if I could go out, drink a little and have a good english conversation, haha! Because sometimes I feel like I don't know how to speak English anymore as not a lot of people here speaks the language. Anyway, that's all for now and we can discuss more when we meet :)

Hello, I am moving to Poland on the 26th and I would love new friends! I am 21 years old and from the U.S.

Hello Isabel, welcome to Poland. Where in Poland exactly do you plan on staying?

how are you ?
I wish to like Poland- I am living in Warsaw -
working as financial accountant ( analyst )
please , contact me for any help.***


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I moved to Warsaw last week for work and am in need of friends as well!

Hi hello  Isabella! I'm Greg from Africa. Where are  which location are you going?

how are you ?
my name is maged, I am speaking English,
I am looking for friend too,
contact me ***


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Why don't you take time and learn Polish?  You are close to Poznan and there are some schools that will teach you Polish.  I'll be in Gorzow Wielkopolska so I'm not that close.


how are you ?

if you want friend for talk & drink , contact me.


Hey there. I'm in Bialystok in Poland. Maybe we can hang out some time. I'm from Zimbabwe and I'm a student and I'm 29 am a guy.

Hi Kisha, it's Ann
I lived here in Katowice, I'm 2 years here already but I've got no friends.

hi i want to take you in pub contact me


Me too
Looking for friends
Inbox me your number

Love to hangout with you .. drop me ur number

Looking for friends to hangout.. working in Warsaw

Actually, you might try and find yourself and English teacher in Poland. Yep, it's not for free, but it's more effective, as for me.

Hi there,
I could invite you for coffee or drink in my hometown Krakow, just drop me a message :)

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