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I will arrive in Katowice around 19th of January, and I honestly do not know anything about the city or know anyone ( yet :) ). However, I got a good job offer and I will come from Spain ( Romanian here ) and I would like to ask, even if it's a bit late, if the city is safe, and where are the "good" areas to rent a flat, what is the average price ( going to work for IBM ) and how is the attitude of the general polish public towards foreigners, or whatever you might feel I would need to know as a newbie :). I am 27 , guy, and tend to keep to myself, but I like to have a drink now and then and meet new people :)

Thank you and happy holidays!

So i would like to welcome you here in Poland don't worry about the people here they are respectful and friendly towards the foreigner and you enjoy the amazing peaceful place im sure you can get good accomodation here and i  :) love the way of living very simple. GOOD LUCK :)  :top:


Yes, the city is very safe. Just be aware and avoid a couple of areas. Załęże & Zawodzie are not recommended.
The city centre is fine, also a place called Tysiąclecia, it's serviced by many bus routes and trams. Has a massive shopping centre close by and one of the biggest parks in Europe there too. Even if you cycle, it would only take about 20 mins to get to the IBM HQ.

Regarding foreigners most Poles are quiet open and warm towards foreigners, Katowice now has many, many foreign companies located here so it's common to hear many different languages being spoken on the streets.


Just arrived, honestly, I got more than what I asked for :) so far the city looks nice, even the shopping center's ( the big one with the tree in front of it ) library was full of people. So far it looks good, looking forward to see what comes next.
Had a nice steak somewhere downtown in some underground restaurant and the service and the food was really good.

Thanks for your inputs!

hi all freinds here :)
i'm expat too in Katowice :) i would like to meet expat people !!!

Junior IT, where are you from?

I'm half French half Moroccan and a little piece of polish :D

I know very weell Katowice city and you can feel safe, really ;)
If you want to spend some time and get to know the history of Silesia region  I recommend you The Silesian Museum. There are several exhibitions like paintings, sculptures, interior arrangements etc.
What else, it's good to visit a big and beautiful silesian park where you can find the zoo, open-air museum, planetarium, beach bar and outdoor gym! And if you like roller skating, there are the best rollerway (3ponds district). Really, you'll be having fun :)

Hi guys im From kenya but moving to Katowice in the next couple of weeks I would like to meet new friends both locals and expats and also get some information regarding the life there and activities one can do in their free time.

R u serious 😂 I understand that everyone trying to show good image about his country but please we should be more honest here recently level of hate and racism is high in Poland and really its not that safe as it used too before ...

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