New to Poznan and looking for people to meet up with


I moved to Poznan very recently to study for my PhD and am feeling quite lonely as I don't know anyone. I don't know polish although I am trying to learn but it would be very nice if there were some people who would like to socialise every now and then? I like meeting up with people and so the idea of being on my own is quite scary.

Is anyone out there?


Hi Amie,

is there any polish class ?
I feel it's the best way to meet somebody.

Pozdrawiam z Warsawy

Or get yourself to Jelenia Gora for a mountain hike over the weekend  :)

Check out the International Poznań Friends group on Facebook. Stop by Sweet Surrender Coffee Shop, visit Kriek Belgium Pub ( frequented by a lot of int'l students). Or check out the Int'l Poznań Ladies Club. If you're Christian, check out Poznan International Church, the pastor's wife, Brooke, is a dear friend of mine. You can read about my experience in POZ on my blog Enjoy your stay!

Some other useful hints here ;)

how are you? My name is Natalia. I am a Polish girl living in Poznań. I have seen your post on this website. I think I could help you to settle in Ponzań and get you to know the city better :)

hi Amie!
so how is it going so far with socializing in Poznan? :) its a great city but in every place, even the most amazing one, the most important factor are people :)
if u wish to go out for some coctails/clubbing/hanging out let me know :)
i used to live in here during my university years.. but still it feels like starting over ;)

Hi Malvvina-

I hope Amie is ok!  I'll reach out to her as well even though her posts are from a while ago.  I just relocated from the US to teach English in Poznan. I live close to Stary Rynek  and this is my second time in Poland. I've only been here a week- would love to go for a drink/club if you're ever game ;)



Hi everyone.

Quick update: I got a job in
Poznań and I'm moving on July 26th now.

Anyone up for a cup of coffee?


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