Retiring in Mauritius

Hello, my husband and I are thinking of retiring in Mauritius.  Is there a big ex pat retirement population on the island?  Where might be a good place to live as we don't need to be near schools, but would like to live near an ex pat community.  We currently live in the UK.  Thank you in advance for your help.

I heard that's a wonderful place to be after retirement.

Tamarin, Black River, Grand Baie, Trou aux Biches - some of the regions with concentration of expats.

thank you!!

There are villas in gated community with all facilities. They were specially built for and sold to
foreigners which also come with resident permit. They are located in all four corners on the island.

What happens when any foreigner who has bought a resort property wants or needs to sell it? Do such properties still qualify for the foreign market - i.e. does it still command and qualify for the higher selling price? And do such properties actually sell  - is there a market for them?

The property still qualifies for foreign market, but marketability remains a big question.

It seems, to my observation, that it is quite difficult to sell at higher price because you still can get new projects at the original price.

Thank you for all your replies. Sounds like buying is not a great investment!

Perhaps foreigners can get the original prices reduced when buying as the first purchaser and these higher prices are not fixed in stone - I have been following some of  on estate agents' sites and they do not seem to sell very quickly - so maybe the prices can be negociated depending I suppose on the financial situation of the development especially if they are being sold off plan.

I'm 41 and have seen some "retirement" properties that I would be happy in for my latter days. Mauritius is a lot softer in many aspects of life. There are retirement visas that are available to people over 50yrs and therefore buying a property is not essential.

No one on this expat forum has ever written about having bought a ''for non-Mauritians'' property and their experiences with it over the years - would be interested to know such information.

I would suggest western region Tamarind La Gaulette Le Morne.

Neil - is that because Tamarind etc will reduce their prIces?

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