resignation issues.

hello.. i have signed a 2year contract here in oman, been working for 7months now. i just want to ask if can resign without completing my contract or should i just complete at least 1 year? because i have some health issues. i told my employer about it and he wants to do some actions when it gets worst. i asked them to let me go home for atleast 2 weeks to have myself check there. because i can't afford the medical cost here in oman. and in our country there are some organizations who can help me about this matter. but sad to say my employer refused to allow me. what i should i do? if i resign, is there any consequences? in short do i have to pay anything?
and yeah. we don't even have a health insurance. i work in a cleaning company.

Hi steffiiieee,

You are free to resign any time you wish. But it would come at some cost. The cost would be fixed by your employer / sponsor, in the absence of any formal employment contract.

Well, all expatriate employees have to provided with at least the basic medical insurance coverage, irrespective of the company. So, how come your employer has not provided you with one ?

Kindly take some time to read through the ocean of information already available in the forum - on the same, or on very similar topics.

you mean, its up to my employer how do i need to pay?
yes. we don't have health insurance. they said its really expensive. what should i do about this? i just want to go home.

Hi steffiiieee,

In the absence of any prior agreed exit terms between you and your employer, your employer would quote the figure they would need as compensation towards your premature departure.

Don't stress yourself about it. Seek the assistance of your embassy in Muscat. They will do the needed negotiations with your employer. You can also go to the Ministry of Manpower with your case- citing health reasons - and they too would assist with your departure.

If you get the official involved, your departure would not be difficult.

Not sure if i understand this correctly .
Are you saying, there is no contract which you have signed ?

If you have signed one, whats the clause in the contract? a 2 year contract does not necessarily mean you have to complete 2 years. I have a 60 day notice period from either side.


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