Jordan...ahhh...where do I start?

My family and I are looking to move to Amman in the next 6 months from Atlanta" Georgia.  I have a 6 year-old and a 9 year-old. There is so much to do that i don't know where to start. Here are a list of my questions.

I need to know the process to get my kids in school. Should i come with their school records? Any school suggestions?

What are some good family and socialable areas of Amman that are not too expensive?
Will we have to pay the total amount of the lease up front?

Any job leads in the accounting and finance field?

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Well.... first: keep breathing!!!!

About schooling:
it totally depends how long you will be here and where you want to live. There are two kind of schools which are private and government schools.
My guess is that you want to choose for the private schools. These schools follows one of the following curriculum: British, American or the national program.
I tried to made a list of schools, you can find it on the main page of the Jordan forum and it might be a bit outdated or not complete. But you can at least start. As you planning to come in the winter, in January there is a winter break which starts mostly in the first week of January and is about four weeks long. There are schools who are open during the break, at least some of the staff need to work, who can provide you information. You can visit the schools as well to see if your children can fit in.

Where to live in Amman, depends on where you're going to work and also in what school you put your kids in. There are some area's where most of the expats lives but due the high demand on housing and the popularity, they have become also very expensive. If you can enlighten us about where you are going to work, we can provide better information.

Finding a job here is a bit a tough task if you are not speak the language. Even when you are going to work in an international organisation. I don't say its impossible and if  you know some people here, then it will be much easier.
Or you can check out some recruit online companies.

Thank you for responding. 😁

Yes...1-2-3...breathe. Whew!

Roughly, how much are the private schools? What is the major difference between the public and private schools?

I haven't found a job as of yet. I have been looking around to see what is available. I guess i can ask around in my group who is helping us get settled in.

I heard that i will also need a substantial amount of funds in my bank account to get my residency. Is this correct?

Are you coming to Jordan due to a spouse's job or because they are from here?  Or just moving to Jordan for a different reason?  I've never heard of an amount you need for residency, but everyone I know is either sponsored through a Job or a spouse, or spouse's Job.

We are moving to Jordan for another reason. Thanks for your input.

The Jordanian Embassy in DC should be able to give you the info that you need if you are looking for something like an investor visa.

Oh, okay. I appreciate that information.

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