Yellow pages typ catalogue(UK)/mag. lk Total Split(Cro) for Budapest?

Hello I am new to the forum. Is there a yellow pages type catalogue or similar magazine in Budapest which can be purchased? I am currently trying to find shops which sell luggage trolleys as the one i brought with me is defective, and amazon does not deliver the brand from the uk i want to try and repurchase, and the one german amazon seller that sells it  has a ridiculous delivery price. I have turned to local as i am living in Budapest. (I do not consider myself an expat  (which was the question i answered that made my profile does not live in Budapest)  as i will be returning to the UK next year.) So far i have found 1 retailer online with a shop in Budapest but their price for the item itself is steep in comparison to germany and uk base item price so was wondering if there was a yellow pages type list of categorised businesses and services as i am sure i will no doubt be looking for other things after the luggage trolley and it would come in handy? Thankyou in advance.

Did you try a web search for :

bőrönd ár {insert brand name here}

(suitcase price {brand name} -- using "price" will bring up the retailers)

You can also use to search for businesses and the items they sell, and compare prices.

And one must sometimes think outside the English box. For example, these generic collapsible hand trolleys were found in the construction section:

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