New Medical Technologist in the UAE. Any tips to ease integration?

Hey, I wonder if there are any Medical Technologists in the house. I'm new in town and still searching for a job. My paperwork is ready(HAAD eligible and also ASCP certified). If you are of the same profession or field, I'd like your tips on going about my integration. I moved in from Cameroon just a week ago.Generally speaking, how easy will it be for me to get a job in Abu Dhabi within my 3-month visit visa period? I am also looking to meet new people from other cultural backgrounds. I hear the UAE is a world junction.:D

Hi. May I know if you have found a job? Im also a medical technologist with ASCP, soon to stay in Abu dhabi. thanks

hi can i ask if you applied direct or is it agency? im a medical technologist too! thanks!

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