New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Turkey forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Turkey if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My Name is Khalid Nassar, Jordanian living in Istanbul,Turkey since Jan. 2017, have established small business in Istanbul. Well-educated with leadership experience in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Logistics and Production Planning. Have a work experience in different industries, Fertilizers, Animal Feed Additives, Oil Drilling Chemicals, Water Treatment, Jumbo Tissue Paper Roll, Refinery Catalyst Solutions, Refinery Online Cleaning Solutions and Paints Industry.

Hello there. I'm a journalist with a fickle heart and wondering eyes. I love diving deep inside me and rising as a Phoenix from the ashes. And yet I am always searching spiritual beliefs and values. I'm looking for a job in Istanbul as a Russian teacher or Russian journalist. I can also translate from English into Russian using academic language. Don't feel hesitate to contact me if you have any good offer.

Hello everyone

nice to meet you


Merhaba. Im coming from Serbia, searching for a job in Istanbul. Have expirience in many fields, such a tourism, retail, administration, secretary executive. Fluent in English, presently in a procedure for getting TEFL certificate.

Hey guys! I am lisa. I am American. In 2011 I married a Turkish man. I did visa paper work and we have been in America since 2012. We are thinking about going to live in Izmir.  Being American I am interested in what kind of work is available for me. I am a nurse but don't think I can practice there. I am really interested in getting to know other Americans so I won't feel so isolated. I have found out that there are expat communities in all countries. It would be great to get to know people who have or are taking this same path. I don't have savings and I will have continuous bills to pay so money is an important issue. I am glad to be a part of the expat community.

Hi guys. My name is Burak. I live in Istanbul. I love my city. Istanbul is the most beatiful city for me. And it is diffucult to live in this city.

I can see that some people are searching job in Turkey. You can find from,,

Hi. What kind of a job are you looking for?


my name is hasan I graduated ecomic and business administration 7 years.Before  I was working one of the Turkeys biggest furniture factory.But I left that job. nowdays I am looking for the make my own business I have experienceed about import and export also I can make web site I have several website.I am looking for the persons who I can make coopertaion .

I come  from Ethiopia, searching for a job in Istanbul. Have experience in many fields, such a Nanny, Babysitter, house helper etc. i speak English,Turkish and Arabic currently i am looking a job preferably in istanbul

hello Hasanp
m name is Ali from and living in Iran. i would like to know your plan about input and export.

hello everyone :) are you? 😊

Hello everyone, I would like to meet foreigners for improving my langauage skills and help them for many things, Because I have been expat as well.

hi mere,how are you?where have you been an expat?have a nice time in turkey and welcome home bro...

my name is "Abdullah al-hiyari" from jordan  i graduated from Al-Balqa Applied University in 2014 and I got a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems

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Hi everybody
My name Mohamed I had just moved to Istanbul from Alexandria of Egypt
I'm 50 years old
I know very few people in Turkey
I'm seeking for an adult friend he or she can speaks English to maintain our English together, maybe I can learn turkish through our conversations and to learn him her some Arabic in return
I'm looking forward for somebody to respond

Hey everyone, 
My name is Zyabo Wezyani Mhango. (Call me Zee, it's easier).
I've been living in Turkey for eight months now as I'm a student.  I live in Adana and study at Çukurova University.
I'd like to meet some young adults especially places close by and people that are hoping to meet new people.  Living in a different country can be difficult and lonely.
Feel free to write to me at any time.  I'm very chatty and quite easy going.

hello everybody!
My name is Alena i am from other side of the Black sea (Sochi, Russia) and i plan to move in Istanbul.
i am a graphic and photo designer and i hope to use my skills in Istanbul. I love the magic city and hope i can be usefull there too.
But actually i am ready to look at other work possiblities also. By my education i am a teacher of Russian and i worked a lot as a journalist. 
I speak English, worse Germany and i started to learn Turkish.
Thanks for attention!

Hi hello dear
I'm an Egyptian 50 years old person
I came to Istanbul less than a month ago, my aim is to do a small investment which i can't define yet
l have no friends here, we can meet and share our English together also we can share learning Turkish
I started that already now I can make some short sentences
See you

Hi im Ahmad i would like to come to turkey very soon but im afraid of not finding job
i have 7 years experience on transportation and logistics with  NATO forces in

Hello All,
My name is Tobias and I have moved here from London recently to be with my girlfriend. Living in Istanbul and work for WPP in programmatic advertising with particular specialisation in automation and modelling. I am looking for a private Turkish tutor as well as a whole host of other things so would welcome any help I can get!
Please reach out to me if you know any good websites, private tutors or want to chat.

Hi Toby,
Welcome to Istanbul. I teach Turkish but I'm not always in Istanbul. You can contact me for any other help though!

Hi everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ 1sadi, you should start your own topic on the Turkey forum. You will surely get some feedback.

All the best,

I have received MBA from Istanbul University and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.
I have recently moved to Istanbul and I am looking for new positions at the moment where I can have a compelling positive impact on the business and help improve Marketing and Sales teams in a meaningful way. Please let me know if you have open positions that fit my skill sets. I have attached my resume for your review.

Please feel free to contact me any time if you need any further information.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Sahand Aslan

Merhaba arkadaslar

My name is Maria, I am Greek from Edessa Greece. Right now I live in Gokceada (Imroz), Canakkale. I teach in the Greek minority school of the island. I'm learning turkish and I'm interested in teaching, travelling, cinema, art in general. I want to register my University diploma in Turkey. If anyone has some advice, please feel free to contact me.

Hi! I'm friendly  :cheers: , communicative :kiss: , I like to meet people and make new friends :par: , I like to be funny and make people laugh  :D , but In the same time I like to philosophizing  :/ . I read books, like to watch movies, go in for sport.

My family dreamed to live in Turkey, so I had no choise and followed them haha. So now I'm in Istanbul and I'm looking for new friends. And new job haha. And I like dystopia genre and I'm fan of Philip K. Dick. Write me!  ;)

And I also looking for job. Hi! Привет! Merhaba! !مرحبا

I speak Russian fluently, English advanced, basic Turkish and Arabic languages. Graduated faculty of physical education, my occupation is management of sport and tourism and was going in for track-and-field athletics and gymnastic and in free time I go in for parkour. I was holding an intellectual entrtainment and sport games and have an expirience for work with children and worked in tourist agency. I will send my CV, if you interested in. Best regards.

Hello, I'm a Banking & Payments Consultant. Working for a private (licensed) company in Turkey in the payments & banking space as a Chief Operating Officer.

Currently, I am shuffling between Karachi, Pakistan and Istanbul, Turkey. Hope to complete a permanent move to Istanbul in the next few months.

Hello,Everyone,I am Jocelyn from, China,working in a Turkish import and export company as a international purchaser .I like hiking,travelling . cooking

I  am new in Izmir,do not have friends here except  co worker,looking for expat friends in Izmir ,Thank you ....

Hi do u have facebook id??

Sir what is your facebook id??

Hello, Thank you for adding me to the forum. I am trying to find out about Algerians coming to live in this country and the procedure. TIA

Sure can I know you better

Dear if you come to Istanbul it will be great to be friends

Merhaba back dear

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