Naturalisation and citizenship in Slovenia

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Slovenia? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Slovenia? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Slovenian citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi there.I would have no interest at all in citizenship in Slovenia.The country is very corrupt
And if your a foriegner they resent you living there.If you purchase a property.The chances are it will be illegall or you will have other problems with it.Regards.Kevin

First of all, don't listen to tramte, while I don't know what he experienced, it does not reflect the entire population. The extreme majority of Slovenians are welcoming to foreigners, but gaining citizenship is a difficult and long process with many steps.

All the (more of less basic) info is here: Gaining Slovenian citizenship  and here: Ministry of interior - Citizenship

Best regards, Uroš :)

In reply to Uros.The Slovene property market is not regulated.There are thousands of illegall properties all over the country.The people earn on average 600 Euros a month.Which basically makes the property market a market for foriegners.The people are miserable.But smile a lot when giving them something.And many Brits who have purchased in Slovenia have found themselves with  llegall properegallAlso the Slivenes resent Croatia and do not get on with Croats.Thanks.Regards.Kevin

I agree with the statement that the property market is not regulated as it should be. There are many thousand of illegal building and there are many hundreds of thousands of legal ones. UK has illegal buildings to. As does Germany, Italy, France, USA, etc.. Slovenia is not different in this than the rest of the world. Do not try to state otherwise.

Some years back when the government wanted to institute a unified property tax it missed the opportunity to give the people a chance to make many of these illegal buildings legal and to correct many faults in our land registry. People also do not wan't to correct the faults themselves because corrections to the land registry are very expensive (something the government should fix to).

My municipality gave the people a set date to which they could legalese their illegal builds. Many complied, many did not. Its human nature and was expected. Also note that today you cannot get a house number if the building is not legal. You cannot get electricity, water, etc. As for older buildings, most illegal builds originate from the time when Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia. Things were different then and building a house without papers was much more common.

I don't know which Slovenians you are or were talking to, but the wast majority does not resent Croatia anything. If that were the case, why do so many people vacation there and own property? I live in southeastern Slovenia, Bela krajina, I have not met one person that resents Croatia or its people anything. We get along and recognize that politics is one thing, people and being neighbors is another.

Regards, Uroš.

Uros you must live on anther planet.For example go and visit K.Gora, Podkoren, or even Bled.Your villages are full of illegall properties.Please do not compare England to your country.Your market is not regulated.I have friends who purchased 14 years ago and there properties are still illegall.Thats going through the courts to help them aswell.We would compare your property market to victorian times in England.
JUST TO EXPLAIN YOUR PROBLEM.THIS IS WHAT YOUR COUNTRYMEN DO.THEY GET A BUILDING PERMIT FOR ONE DWELLING.THEN THEY SPLIT THE PROPERTY INTO SAY 4 APARTMENTS.THEY GET PLANS FOR ONE DWELLING AND PLANS FOR FOUR DWELLINGS.THEN THEY BRIBE A LAWYER TO DO THE CONVEYACING.ITS NOT UNTIL THE UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE COME TO SELL FIND OUT THERE IS A PROBLEM.Please you also forgot to mention your Mayors .Who are all very corrupt.We have first hand information on how your countries property market is run.Your country is so Corrupt it is unbelievable.How many refugees did you take.?What does your country have to offer.Sorry you may not agree .But i and many friends of mine find your country Racist and very Discrimanating against foriegners.Ciao.Tramte

I live in Slovenia, how about you? If your friends bought illegally built buildings they had 14 years to make them legal? Or did you miss the part of where municipalities encouraged people to do that?

I did not compare England to Slovenia, or any other country. I stated that there are illegally built properties in other countries, just like Slovenia. Do not, tell me it is not true. I simple Google search can verify that. I acknowledged the problem with illegally built properties I never stated otherwise, I also told you why the problem exists and most of them stem from Yugoslavia. I am sorry you don't understand that. But it cannot be fixed in on day, even if I wish it could be. 

Don't use caps, it does not make your argument more compelling, in fact it make is less so. Yes, there are corrupt people in Slovenia, corruption is a problem, we are dealing with it, it takes time. Then again, when buying a property (or anything else), it is also the job of the buyer to find out everything about the property before paying for it. I don't know about you, but before I buy anything expensive, I check everything I can. I don't trust people through their word, I do it through their actions and cold, hard evidence.

What about out Mayors? Ours is phenomenal. I don't much care about the rest, since I don't live in their municipalities. I do know nepotism  is frequent in many municipalities, doing favors for friends over a drink, etc. Again, I acknowledge this. But, as I said, corruption is not something one can get rid of in one night. The laws about Mayors and municipalities need to change, practically most Slovenians will agree to that.

What do refugees have to do with anything? Slovenia has agreed to take in 567 refugees. 187 have arrived as of 31. May 2017. If we are talking about the last refugee wave. Now if we are talking about the past, how about over 70.000 (that is 70 thousand, just to be clear) refugees during the last war in the Balkans? That does not count? My family took 6 refugees into their homes during the last Balkan war, we are still friends with them. Do not talk to me about refugees.

If you think my country is so racist and unfriendly to foreigners (from my experience it is the exact opposite, but each to his/her own) you and your friends are free to leave. Nobody is forcing you to live here.

My country has plenty to offer, but it is far from perfect. Many things need to improve, some problems should have been solved decades ago. But do not talk about my country like you know everything about it or its people. You do not. There are bad apples everywhere in my country and yours, but do not project your experiences to the entire population. I know a few not so great people from the UK, Poland and Austria, do I think everyone is like that? No, I do not, because I don't make generalizations about entire populations the few samples I encountered.

Regards, Uroš

Hi Uros they have been trying for 14 years to legal them.But your country and its Corrupt authories do not let them.Yes they all used Lawyers to do the Conveyacing but were decleved by the Slovene Corrupt Lawyers.Yes i did live there against my will.I had to until i managed to rent in England as i am not allowed to sell my place.As it was illegally built but the Lawyer did not tell us. And your Judicial system is delaying the legalisation of my property.Your Goverment minister who is actually a Lawyer by the name Cerar. knows of our situation but is to embarrassed to do anything.By the way i did not like it or the people when i liived there. And my friends would love to live in England but they have nowhere to go.As for refugees i worked there last year when i saw at first hand how your Police treated them.I know a lot more about your country than you would ever realise.Your Corrupt little Mayor in Ljubljana i believe his name Zoran Jankovic .Janez Jansa is he still in Prison.?Your Country as nothing to offer.Are your Banks still getting bailed out?And for your interest your Municipialities only just passed a property law last December to enable them to legalise these properties.So when you say they are free to leave your so wrong.So that is our experience. Your Country is Corrupt.
The people do nothing but whinge how about how Low there salary is.But most Slovenes still live with there parents.And our experience is Croatians are a friendlier nation.We are entitled to opinions .But in Slovenia our opinion and experience is your country is a place we want nothing to do with.And the only reason it is not publicised. Concerning your unregulated property market is because many of our properties are still not legal.Have a nice day.Regards.Tramte

I am sorry for your problems, but again, you are equating your experiences with authority and bureaucracy to the entire population. Like I said before, am I also to judge an entire population based on the few people I know? Because you do.

Yes, out judicial system is slow, it needs a lot of work. Yes, Jankovič is corrupt, but then again, he did wonders for Ljubljana. So its more of a something good came out of something bad situation. Janša is not in prison, even when the wast majority would like to see him there. But again, are you telling me that these things do not happen in the UK? Powerful people tend not to go to jail, not excusing my country, stating a fact..

Our banks have been bailed out. Also over 100 million EUR have been taken from the profits of Ljubljanska Banka and transferred to the national budget, because it has been bailed out. 

Municipalities can't pass any laws. I don't know where you get that information. The only thing municipalities can pass are ordinances. I do not know of which municipality you are referring, but my municipality has asked and almost begged people to legalese. their property. As far as I know, that deadline has passed about 2 years ago. But it was active for many years and some people still did not legalese, which is unfortunate. Legalization of property had and still has many costs.

Yes there is corruption in my country. But as I have stated before, removing corruption takes time. I wish is would go faster, we all do. Things are changing slowly.

Yes, Slovenes whine, well, most of them do. I call it a favorite national sport. It would be fine if the whiners actually did something, but unfortunately they do not. A lot of problems stem from this to. A large portion of the population a apathetic. Wages would be higher if unions would strike more to demand better wages, companies would be more inclined to respect the law is fines would be set a percentage of their income, not a fixed amount...ect I said, more work needed.

Most young Slovenes live with their parents, because of low income (minimum wage does not get you any sort of credit), because buying or renting a property is expensive (most properties in Slovenia are overvalued, by my estimate 1/3 at least)...and, specially the younger generation (my generation) does not want to buy debt for the next 20 to 30 years in an uncertain future.

I wholeheartedly agree, that you are entitled to your opinions, but I cannot agree with your assessment that because of your experiences you generalize the entire population. Generalizations are dangerous since they can tend to call on stereotypes and discrimination. I despise generalizations. One bad apple does not equal the entire basket bad.

About Croatians. I found 99.9% them friendly to. I go to Šibenik for my vacation and I stay with some Croatians, we get along beautifully, I'd almost call them family I see a few times a year...but then again I also experienced bad things..Like when a bartender asked my friend to shut off her phone, because her ringtone was a Slovenian song.. When an exchange refused to take my money when they found out I was Slovenian. Or when my former roommate was denied a taxi when the driver found out he was Slovenian. You don't read about that do you? Am I also to equate my experience to the entire population? Because I do not. I chalk it up to individuals being assholes. But I never generalize.

You have made up your mind about my country and specifically the Slovenian people a long time ago, based on your experience with authority, bureaucracy and people that..well, whine. I am sorry for that.

Regards, Uroš

Hi Uros first of all it was a municipiality in Gorensjks that dealt with the Property law.And it was them who informed us last December that your New Property was changed.We do believe it did came from your Goverment.Sorry but we will never agree fully with you.I am not talking about an isolated propperty fraud.And your Lawyers have gone out of there way to decieve us.We do not like your country simple  as that.We have found your Lawyers and Goverment Authourities. Cheats I could go on forevever.But i still have friends in your country who are pensioners and they can not sell rent or insure there properties because they are illegall.And they were put in this position by your Lawyers.And these Lawyers are Slovene Scum.As for the Mayor of Ljubljana i have met him.And his sons they are also Scum.Not sure if you know him personally but i doubt you do.Also your country as become very expensive.And its getting more expensive.Please tell me what sort of a Country invites Putin to see them on aSaturday afternoon to a rememberance cereminy.The man is a war criminal a terrorist.That isSlovenia fir you.Regards.Tramte

Yes, my county is getting more expensive, but then again, so is everywhere else. Don't try to make is as Slovenia is the only county on the planet that is getting more expensive. As far as I know inflation is going up everywhere.

I have no problems with you calling lawyers what ever adjective you wish, or the Jankovič family, but I do resent the fact that you apply the same criteria to every single one of us Slovenians, because as far as I know, you do not know all of us, but you talk like you do.

Also, do not try to pretend, that there are no bad lawyers in the UK trying to con the little guy.

Putin was invited to honor the fallen Russian soldiers in World 1 at the Russian chapel on Vršič pass. You can call it what you like, the event was about honoring those soldiers. no about Putin, he left soon after the ceremony was finished. While I do not agree with him being invited, I do understand why he was invited. He is after all the President of Russia.

Putin visited the UK too some years ago. He was invited. Finland and Greece last year. He was in Hungary and France in 2015. Austria and France again in 2014. So tell me, what kind of country invites him? Only countries such as Slovenia? Or only Slovenia?

You keep equating your terrible experiences with authority, bureaucracy and judicial system  to the entire population. That is something I can never condone, no matter how terrible the experience. I asked you before, am I also to apply the same criteria to the few British people I know? Are you all "scum" too?

Your Country was on English TV last nihht warning people to beware of buying their.In the programe it says how Heather mills was decived.And lotz of pensioners.Not just me and my friends .So at last people will get the real facts on your country.Please do not even think of comparing out Great nation on your pathectic little country.If our  Country was not so great. Why . Are so many Slovenes moving here.By the way I have lived in Slovenia and your country is by far more expensive than England.Actually your boring me now.Have a good day and dream on.Of course we have scum here.But i have never heard of any of our Lawyers ripping off old ladies in property matters.And your Authorities do nothing about it.Miro Cerar is he your President.I believe he is.He knows all the facts.What did he do about it.He is a Lawyer .He did nothing.Like i said your boring me.Going back to Putin he was invited just after killing all those innocent people in Ukraine.And believe me i know hundreds of Brits who do not like your Country and they find Slovenes boring.So please go away.Ciao.Goodbye.Tramte

I'm glad you find me boring, but then again you keep coming back only to have your argument refuted and are now resorting to name calling. I'm actually enjoying this very much. So, lets continue...

Ah, yes Heather Mills, that story was popular 10 years ago, I read the articles about it on the Daily mail. Strange there was no mention of Heather Mills being deceived, but there was a lot of talk (or words) about the locals not wanting her around because of her celebrity status. You forgot to mention that, did you?

Slovenia more expensive than UK? Now you are just lying. Shall we compare numbers? The internet is a great source of information.
So, lets begin:
On average the UK has 31% higher consumer prices,
135% higher rent prices,
about 80% higher restaurant prices,
25% higher groceries prices.
Slovenia does have about 33% lower purchasing power.


Tell me, how Slovenia is more expensive than the UK? Why does my friends boyfriend keep telling me how cheap Slovenia is? He's from Bedford, but I'm sure he is only imaging it.

No fraudulent lawyers in the UK? Are you joking? Because it seems like you are joking, I'm just not getting the joke. Not ripping off old ladies? How about soldiers? Does that count? Tax fraud? Investment fraud? Rent fraud? Disabilities fraud? Here are just some articles I found for the last year:

Crooked solicitor and his wife fleeced elderly friends of £500,000 (Daily Mail)

Dishonest lawyer who made soldiers’ lives a misery is struck off (The Times)

Ex-solicitor Ian Macfarlane jailed over £200,000 ground rent scams (

Former solicitor stole €260k from clients after series of 'catastrophic' investments (The Independent)

Top divorce lawyer ducks jail over tax fraud scam that saw her pocket £38,000 (The Sun)

George Galloway’s solicitors have been in court accused of falsely claiming almost £600,000 in interpreter’s legal fees. (Source:

Guilty: Bradford solicitors convicted of legal aid fraud (The Guardian)

Churchgoing bent solicitor turned tax consultant jailed in £1million scam (Daily post)

£12million fraud lawyer has his assets seized after part in massive carousel scam (Daily record)

So, are you going to tell me again that no lawyers in the UK are ripping off old ladies? Soldiers? Investors? The government? No? Ok, then.

Also, I don't understand why you keep bringing up Miro Cerar. Even if he is a lawyer by profession he has no power over the judicial system. Or am I mistaken, that the executive branch of the government HAS power over the judicial branch? Because if it did, then there would be no need to have a Supreme court. No laws would need to be reviewed by the Supreme court, we'd also have no referendums. Strange that is not the case.

Also, Cerar is not the President, that would be Borut Pahor. He also has no power over the judicial branch, except recommending Supreme court justices, which are approved by the executive branch.

Putin was invited in March 2016 and visited at the end of June 2016. I do not know the details prior to that, what he has or has not done. Like I stated before, I would have not invited him.

When did we start to call each others counties non-flattering adjectives? Because I will not stoop that low if that is what you expect. Usually people that have no firm arguments resort to name calling.

Believe you? No even close. You have resorted to name calling my country and my people. I have not done so and never will.

My country has many problems, I recognize them. But because my country has problems does not give you the right to insult my people.

Regards, Uroš

Hi Bhavna,
First of all if you need to apply for citizenship here you have to complete ten years of together time here..Then you need a permanent job contract that you have sufficiant support of living, besides this you will have to pass the slovenian language exam which consist three parts-reading , writing, listening .Its also not easy to learn slovenian language.Its pretty hard..Second option which is easier is to get marry with some slovenian citizen..Then after three years you can apply for permamnet residence permit and so on..the benifit of slovenian citizen ship is that you are free to move , live and work anywhere in schenegan states .With permenent or temporary residence permit you can also mve freely to any above mentioned country for maximum three months stay which does not allows to work.Another way you can also open an private limited company here with investment of 7,500 euro and then you will get one years personal business work n living visa ...
Regards from slovenia.

Hi Uros

Thank you/hvala lepa.

I am from the UK and we bought a home in Slovenia 11 years ago and moved here 7 years ago.  Unlike Tramte, we love your country and it's beauty and the people and we love living here.  We have been made very welcome and have many Slovene friends.  We hope to spend the rest of our days here unless we, sadly, get thrown out because of Brexit.  We have language lessons and I hope to gain citizenship.  When friends and family visit us, they also love your country and understand why we call it home.  There are a few British people in our area and they all, also love it here as well and would not dream of returning to the UK.  Our experiences have obviously been very different to Tramte.  Some people are unhappy everywhere.  As for corruption: it is everywhere, particularly in the UK.

Hvala lepa.

Ann Kerr

Hello Ann!

Thank you for Your kind words! I am happy you love my country and I hope the whole brexit thing will not give you any hardship and I'm sure you won't get kicked out :)

Best regards, Uroš :)

Slovenia and the people are lovely and if you get to know the locals, they will help and educate you as to the ways of the country. Yes corruption is the foundation of the country but if you get to know the right people then you can use it to your advantage.  Just a word of advice, if you retire there then lets say for example you have a £40k pension, you will pay about £8000 over and above the UK tax.

Hi Uros
I'm Spanish, living in Slovenia since 13 years. I Agree with  you 200%.
All you did write is the truth. I have 3 property in Slovenia (1 in Ljubljana and 2 in Prekmurje) and there was no problem that all.

I have just read your thread Uros and think your answers are very polite- thank you!

I do not spend much time on forums because  I see a lot of insulting behaviour so it is nice to see your helpful information.

If you could explain the very confusing property tax system I would be most grateful as it seems to have doubled in the ten years I have owned a house in Slovenia.(i wish I could live in Slovenia but I still have to work !)

Anyway, we started by getting a yearly bill which was split into an option to pay in 2 halves. The total was about 350 euros. Then about 3 years ago there was another bill as well as the normal bill of about 350 euros.
I asked a neighbour and he said that now you have to pay  2 bills for property tax. One for the house (building) and another for the land the building stands on(this was also about 350 euros).
The house has some land around it which is a large garden and also there is a field. Some sheep farmers take hay off it but I have never asked for money(maybe  I will have to do this now)
It now costs about 1000 euros with all the bills together. I understand the Kommunala monthly bill but the property tax one is a mystery. Any information would be gratefully received.

Hi Vivamus
If you whish, you can send me a scan of thoses bills and I will check them , they looks like a bit too expensives to me. I'm the owner of 2 houses in prekmurje and a flat in Ljubljana and I pay much less than you. Maybe it is because of the area, at the sea side or at Bled  taxes are quite expensives.
You said :'Some sheep farmers take hay off it but I have never asked for money(maybe  I will have to do this now)'. I have somes fields also but the rents are realy very low.

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