Filipino mariage with boyfriend in Slovenia-Which visa to marry there?

Hello everyone! I am from the Philippines and I do have a boyfriend from Slovenia. We are planning to get married there but i don't have idea if what visa would I be needing just to get there. Am I allowed to marry him having a Schengen Visa? I look forward to your answers. Thanks and have a great day ahead! ^_^

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You can ask the Embassy of Slovenia what you need to get married. From what I understood from your post you want to marry in Slovenia?
Ask your boyfriend if he can obtain information at the city hall in his place.
I hope some other members who went trough the same, can enlighten you about this situation.

Take care!

awww :) Thank you so much for the info! Sure thing, I'll tell him about this... ^_^

Hello pinay, pinay din ako na nakapangasawa ng slovenian, u must marry in the philippines its easier to come here then if u married in philippines and then start with the procedures for going here in slovenia. Do u have fb so i can tell u how we did

Ano po Facebook nyo? Ang Bf ko ay taga Slovenia din, ano po ginawa nyo para makakuha ng visa?

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Ano po Facebook nyo? Ang Bf ko ay taga Slovenia din, ano po ginawa nyo para makakuha ng visa?

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Can I ask what are the requirements for fianceé visa to Slovenia? My BF is from Slovenia. Can you recommend the kind of visa which is not really complicated to get? Please help me.

Fb ko ay hannah.hantuchkova[at] Add mo ko

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Hi,  it is difficult to marry in Slovenia  because you have to prove that  you  really live like  wife and husband. A lot of procedures  and a lot of  barriers , but  if our gov. clerks determine  marriage is real and not just for visa purposes your marriage will be 'EU blessed' after long period. First of all y should   trust to y BF  otherwise some stories not finish very lucky be careful. good luck.

I guess I'll just marry here then. :)

Hi again Doreen,

If you are from the Phillipines, I would strongly recommend that no matter what the bureaucracy in Slovenia may be, that you marry your boyfriend there AND NOT IN THE PHILLIPINES.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but marriages nowadays have a 50% failure rate. The Phillipines DOES NOT permit divorce and annulments are almost impossible to obtain. This could prevent you from re-marrying anywhere in the world if you marry in the Phillipines and things don't work out.

We are dealing with questions from your fellow countrymen in every one of our international forums on how to resolve their problems and get married because they are married in the Phillipines and can't get a divorce or annulment. If you marry outside of your country then you can also divorce there (in the vast majority of cases) and that divorce would be recognized everywhere.

Think ahead and avoid future problems.

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Not necessary  :) , my message was you  must have a lot o patience. In my reply   I was not  occurred on the act of the  marriage as procedure because you are asking about   Schengen   visa  in general marriage should not be something difficult and expensive  in Slovenia must just be careful that marriage  is  made by   governmental clerk.  In our country   marriage in the church it is not enough. If  you marry at home , your marriage is valid all over the no need to marry again at EU ...just procedure will be longer and you will have a lot of cost for  translators  and proving that your marriage is  real  etc, etc ...... 

As woman to woman all this is also important  for your own protection 

True love bypasses all barriers

I'm pretty aware of that Sir, but I don't have plans of filing a divorce or annulment. I don't really see reasons why I would do it. It's just making things complicated. I'm not marrying for visa, doesn't even matter if we stay and live here. But it was his choice for me to relocate there. I'm a type of person who doesn't even bother for annulment, trust me I hate that. But still depends how it is in the future, I appreciate your warning.

Thank you! :) We are gonna talk about it, and settle things up. If you ask me, I wanna get married there, not here. But obtaining a visa to go there is so difficult. I may get denied to get it, Schengen Visa or Fianceé visa is so complicated. But maybe you're right, I'll tell him about this.


Well Dorrencute  James and me (I'm woman from Slovenia) have same opinion... I also talk from my  own personal experience.
But, I am  sorry for my direct speech if you have Slovenian BF and asking for marriage conditions here on forum I got impression you don't trust him enough   ?   or  what  else ?   Your slovenian BF should answer on your all doubts and questions before he brings you here  .... and remember  basic truths are same all over the world
good luck

Hi again Doreen,

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that YOUR marriage won't work out. What I'm saying is that none of us, when we marry, can ever be completely sure. Marriage is always a leap of faith and if we could see into the future and knew it would fail, we wouldn't get married in the first place. We all go into marriage with the intention for it to be successful.

Life being what it is, however, is always full of surprises. What I'm saying is that if you marry in Phil then you have no options is it goes wrong. If you marry in another country then you're not stuck with the very rigid Phillipine laws, which would be a very heavy burden should it go wrong.

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming marriage, lots of happiness, health and smooth roads to travel down ahead!

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Hanna here, i have married a slovenian man in philippines beacause i Love him and that was love at first sight when we met in the Philippines 3 years ago, back to that time when i decided to marry him it was really a big risk that i took but before i came to that decision i had to be very careful with the matter involved, first i must really trust him if i love him and at the same time i have to be prepared of the consequences that will come along the way.. If you trust and love him and you see that he do he must prove that to you and it´s not enough that you hear that he must be a man and take all responsibilities as he would like to bring you here in slovenia. Because my husband has so many friends who wants also to have a filipina wife but they don't have the guts to do all the procedures. One very important thing is that he must show that he has enough money to show that u can come here and live here that he can support all your needs and that is first.

If u want to know the easier way of coming here in slovenia, i am the perfect person to talk to as i have gone through all those process, it was not so hard because my husband is a real man and he always do as he say. I would advice you that you and your boyfriend get marry in the philippines then you can start with the procedures. Next step is that you must go to India because there they have an embassy for Slovenia - how to come to India - you must visit Indian Embassy and ask for a tourist visa and submit all the necessary papers - one of those is his or your statement of bank account that one of u have the right amount of money so that u can come to slovenia having enough money for living - (this is the most important document that u must have) and others are just easy to obtain like marrige papers etc.
2nd step is arriving to India and visiting Slovenian Embassy there but before i came there the Slovenian Embassy secretary have already waited for me because my husband already called her and talked to her that he must accommodate me as if i was a VIP and helped me like we were friends because i visited there alone due to the papers that my husband also processed and translated in Slovenia so he was not able to be with me in India. So then i wait for 4 days in India and got my Visa - Visa for visiting relatives and friends in Slovenia. No schengen or other visa. Then got my visa after 4 days so i was very thankful for Jana(Slovenian Embassy Sec.) for that kind of hospitality, she searched apartment for me in India and even treated me for dinner once and asked ne about my relationship with my husband if all is great with us and our relationship and got my visa approved. So then i came here to Slovenia.
I would just like to tell you that if u trust and love Ane your fiancee u must be 1000% sure that he do loves and trust u as u do and he must prove that like he is your superman because if thats the matter then he will do whatever it takes to take u here. So goodluck

hi kababayan, please talk to me regarding visa, I know more, I'm here in slovenia already. Thanks :)

Princessqueen :

hi kababayan, please talk to me regarding visa, I know more, I'm here in slovenia already. Thanks :)

Hello Princessqueen

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I suggest you create a new thread to ask for help.

Are you planning to get married in Slovenia too please?



nope, I don't have any intentions to get married in slovenia :) okay, thanks for letting me know about this thread.

best regards,

can i ask what requirements for fiance visa?

Hi princess!

I am married to a slovenian and is planning to get a family reunificaton visa, so i can be with him for like 5-6 months. How did you go over it? Thanks in advance

Hi. I also have a Slovenian bf. Can you give me some tips on how we can get married? Either here in Philippines or in Slovenia. Thanks and God bless.

Here in Philippines

hannahhantuchkova :

Hello pinay, pinay din ako na nakapangasawa ng slovenian, u must marry in the philippines its easier to come here then if u married in philippines and then start with the procedures for going here in slovenia. Do u have fb so i can tell u how we did

Hi, not sure if you are still online here. Wanted to know regarding how you do the procedures in marrying a Slovenian or how to get married and what’s the easier way ,maybe could able to help me as me and my fiancé are planning to get married

Hi. Anyone can give me a advise or assistance if anyone got married in Slovenia in how the procedures is

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