Looking for quite short term stay.


My partner and our 12yr old daughter are moving to Thailand from Vietnam. This will only be short term as we are planning on getting married. After we are married we plan to go to UAE as I have had several job offers and they require a marriage cert for me to take my family. We already have all our documents but I will need to find short term work while we are in Bangkok.
I would like to know of any quite or peaceful safe areas where we could stay. I have been to Bangkok many times and do not really want to stay around Koh San Road area. I have many connections for work and I am not worried about that, I am just in need of some recommendations for short term stays, guest houses, hotels, for the three of us to stay for a couple or three months.

Any help much appreciated.

Anyone tell me where the quieter areas are in Bangkok, away from the bars and tourist areas?
Or if you have any links for apartments, hotels, etc.


In the unit I live, there are condos available for 3 months.
Furnished, with fridge, stove and microwave
Gym, swimming pool, bus to Saphan Thaksin BTS (close to the river, rat Burana)
There's also a boat service to Sathorn pier, Saphan Thaksin.
QUIET, clean air.
9000 Bahts a month for a studio. electricity ~500 Bahts a months because of air-con
1 month deposit returned at the end of the stay.
you can send me a private email, I'll pass you my phone#

oops, 10k a month on a 3 month basis.
9K is for 6 months. I live there. 1 year is 8.5K/mo.
There are also larger units 42 m^2 for 16K/month

Where I stay is beside the Chaopraya river 59 sqm. with 2 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 living room, they have 3 month rental rate around 25,000 Baht/M. If you are interested, I can show you some infos by private Email.


     The below link should take you one of the best area to live in Bangkok. It is located in a very peaceful residential area of Bangkok, yet, amidst shopping and business district (Chatuchak).

Easy access by road, via the BTS Skytrain and MRT subway (only 300 to Bang Son MRT station)

The rack rate is 1950 THB/night. 30% discount is applied for monthly stay (with weekly cleaning and snacks throughout the stay).

Have a lovely day,

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I wonder if the mrt link is connected because just 1 km apart between 2 stations, need to take a bus.

If I'm not wrong, that area is famous for gambling dens and police raid are often. Read in the newspapers on the police raids and police officer transfer out too.

I think u might misunderstand.   :O  Prachachuen is really quiet peaceful residential area....

The MRT is about to b connected this Aug 1St.

The link is not allowed. Look up for 'house of us, The Superhero'.

Hi bleaf

I know where is parachute as it's near Tao pon and on the way to Ngammongwan or wongsawan. It's the road next to the canal  (klong) to changwatta (Muang Thong Thani).

I used to drive on that road and heavy traffic in the morning and evening even on Sunday especially at the junction to Chatuchak.

The Soi maybe quiet from the main road but one don't know as there's no strict law in Thailand. You have pick up selling food and vegetables with speaker or pick up with speaker buying used fridge, TV, washing machine etc

Motorbike with loud sound or pick up or small Japanese cars with loud stereo sounds.

So what is your quiet?

If you live in estate  (moo bun) with security guard and the houses are bungalows and each house cost 6 million up or in golf course houses, that is quiet.

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