Settling in

Dear all

I am Diana from Malaysia very scion to be in Cairo could someone offer me advise  on the dos and do not  of the country

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hi Diana welcome here in our country but what advise yu need to know, in housing what city you want to live in, are you want to work as a teacher of English language or you already found a job ,are you know where you will live in Egypt  see your inbox


Just use your common sense and you will be fine . Most of Egyptians are nice to foreigners and you have the police protection on your side if something went wrong .

Avoid crowded places near big national holidays like eid feteer or eid adha .

There are a lot of expat communities here in Egypt , don't rush in anything, take your time and alwaya trust your feelings .

Avoid taxis they will over charge you and not monitored properly by the gov .Uber is much safer , and you have a record of whom picked you up , his car plate number ...etc

The best method is to learn by observation...I'm sure you are going to have a great time here.

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