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I am in the process of registering as autónomo and to get residency in Spain. I posted last month about the first steps - thanks to everyone who replied. If anyone can help with my latest query, I will be very grateful!

I picked up my NIE certificate last week, and I have a gestor who is trying to register me as self employed at the Hacienda. The gestor says that my NIE has not yet been sent to the Hacienda, and I need to wait until the police send it to them.

It surprised me that this process needs to happen, but I can believe it. Has anyone had this experience - ie. their NIE not yet being recognised because the police haven't sent it on somewhere? And does anyone know how long it might take for my NIE to become active with the Hacienda?

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The regulations say that if one has moved to Spain i.e. come to work, live permanently, then they must register on the EU Citizen's Register.

At the police station where  work they will not permit an application for just an NIE in those circumstance.

As I understand the rule, neither should any other office permit it.

Maybe that is why you are having problems. 

Your legal Legal Adviser seems to have got it wrong.

very very strange... if you can't be autonomo, there are others possibilities as cooperatives like Factoo (that one of them).

Tom,  Can you please up-date us on what happened and what the problem was ?

Hi everyone

Thanks for your replies.

Johnzx - I think the Police office did the right thing in giving me a NIE. Without a NIE, you cannot get started with anything. I was very open that I intended to register wherever required in order to be here legally and pay tax. That is why they gave me a NIE certificate which I believe is only valid for 3 months. It gives you time to set yourself up with tax, residence, etc. Then you make it permanent, assuming you've taken those steps.

So I tried to use my NIE to get an appointment at the Hacienda, and was unable to. My gestor told me to wait until my NIE reached the Hacienda, but it turned out that he was wrong about this - you need to go there, fill out a form and have them enter your details into their database. I went to my local Hacienda office in Moncada and I was able to see someone without a previous appointment (cita previa). I explained the situation, and she had me fill out the 'modelo 30' form which puts me on the register of people who are required to pay tax in Spain.

My details were then in the database, and I was then able to make another appointment online to apply for the digital certificate, which allows my gestor (or me) to register me in the database of autonomos. I needed to give them a code which my gestor sent me - he obtained this when he originally applied for my digital certificate.

So now my gestor has the digital certificate (with electronic signature), and I believe that he is now registering me as an autonomo, and signing me up for the social security payments. I can then finally apply for my residency card.

I am expecting more hiccups but I feel that I am nearly there. I thank everyone in advance for any tips or help when that occurs! 

Un saludo

Glad to hear things are progressing,.

It would appear there were some  misunderstandings, including that the NIE is only for 3 months.  The number once issued lasts forever.  It is a taxation ID number.

For a short period (about a year ago) the NIE certificate was valid for only 3 months to deter people who moved to Spain, but did not declare that,  applying for just an NIE and not Registration as should.  However, once again, the certificates issued now do not have an  expiry date.

Those who apply for EU Registration upon moving to Spain, who already have an NIE, maybe they bought a  holiday property or opened a bank account as non-residents,  who apply for Registration are not issued with a new number.

Just for info generally.

On 7th March 2016, NIE certificate reverted to being issued without an expiry date.   That reversed the what had been happening for a few months,  back to what to had always been previously.

I have a copy of the instruction issued to all Documentation Sections of the National Police (extranjerías)    from The Ministerio del Interior,  but I was unable to paste it here

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