Getting NIE, residency, becoming autonomo

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Apologies at rehashing a very familiar thread. I'm hoping that someone has had recent experience of moving to Valencia and setting up as an autonomo, and wouldn't mind sharing it with me.

After several years of a long distance relationship between just outside Valencia and the UK, I have become self-employed and moved over here. I'm an editor in educational publishing. I now want to set myself up as an autonomo in Spain, and get residency.

In terms of documents, I am starting from absolutely nothing. I am living with my Valencian partner who has got no idea how to help me. I know of people who have managed to get their NIE, residency and become autonomo without the support of a company, so it must be possible.

I have an appointment to try to get a NIE at Calle Bailen in a few week's time. If anyone knows what I should be doing in the meantime and in what order, to get all the necessary documents, I would love to hear from you. From what I've read, it's going to be a frustrating and lengthy process, and I'm prepared for that.

Thanks everyone


As you have moved here you are required to apply for E U Citizen Registration immediately.   

  I would suggest you ask your Spanish partner to go to the police office where you have your appointment, collect the EX18 application form and the bank payment form. They can also confirm what you need, so no best guess info here, 

It is very straightforward, especially for an employed person such as you.

And take a look here: … s-in-Spain

There is  an English version of the EX18 here, to help those who do not speak Spanish to see how to complete the form, NB For the application one must use the  Spanish one : … ria_EN.pdf

Thanks very much, John. Very good idea to go to the office in advance to pick up any forms I can and get that moving. I'd imagined they may not admit me until the date of my appointment, but it can't hurt to try in the meantime.

Speaking of bank accounts, do you know of a Spanish account that foreigners can open before receiving their NIE? I have read about ones which you need a certificate of non-residence to open, which obviously isn't the certificate I need. But I have also read that you need a bank account to be able to pay the fee for the NIE..... there's a lot of conflicting advice out there.

Thanks again

The rules in Spain are applied in a rather flexible manner.  I would think you will have no problems  finding a bank which will let you open an account without an NIE, although you will subsequently have to produce one.

One pays the fee for the EU Citizens Registration by taking the payment form, which you get from the police, to any bank and paying in cash over the counter.

Banco Sabadell let us (Americans) open an account with only our passports; once our tarjeta residencias were issued to us (meaning we had our NIEs in a formal document) we went back in and they changed the account type over to one for Spanish citizens/residents.

Thanks very much! I gave Sabadell a try and they were happy to let me open a non-resident account with just a passport, although they were reluctant because shortly I will (hopefully) be a resident so will have to change the account. But they still let me open one.

For what it's worth, we had to get our tarjetas residencia at the office at Calle Gremis, 6, in Valencia. 

We went in a couple of days ahead of the appointment and they have an information desk just inside the front door.  There's a cop that organizes everyone and lets people in a few at a time to the little waiting area, but if you just want the info I think you can go in and wait; the desk is just to the left of the entry door, and the person working there can give you all the info on exactly what forms you need to bring in to your appointment.

It really expedited our appointment, because there wasn't any extra crap and we had everything they needed.

They tell you to come back in a month later to pick up the card, and then you are about as legal as you can get for Spain.  :)  With that, you can go back to the bank and they'll change over your account to a type for residents.

Be sure you have the carnet-size photos, not international-standard-size passport photos.  They won't take the latter for your card.

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