Moving to Prague

Hey guys,

I am Paulo, currently living in Bucharest, Romania - However, got a job offer to relocate to Prague.

I was never there although I heard good things about the city.

At this moment in time these are my questions (I would very much appreciate some honest and straight forward answers):

- I am wondering if Prague's a safe city overall especially at night while clubbing ?

- Do Cab drivers try to steal from you knowing that you're a foreigner ? I mean instead of taking you home and charge you 5€ as an example they will try to rip you off and charge you 20€ ? (Only asking cause that's what happened to me when I first moved to Romania, pain in the ass Cab drivers here) At least there's Uber as an option.

- What would be the average price to rent a flat or perhaps a room in a new apartment in the city centre?

- Do you guys think that a net salary of 60-70CZK every month it's enough ? My company offered me a bit more but I was planing to spend every month with accommodation, bills, food and stuff about 40-45.000CZK in order to save up a few coins every month. (Note that I do not cook, have all my meals out. I can do breakfast during the weekends when I am home. I tend to avoid public transportation I mostly use uber. I go out every weekend sometimes Fridays and Saturdays and I am not much of a beer fan I drink whisky most of the times. On top of that I enjoy treating myself and I shop to get new stuff like trainers, polos, jeans on a monthly basis).

Thank you people I would very much appreciate your answers.


Hi Paulo,

- Safe: yeah, no problem, you can walk through the city in deep night without problems :)

- Cab drivers: yes, there are scammers; just install an "official" taxi application on your smartphones to order your trips (AAA Taxi for example), or use Uber or something similar.

- Flat: I would say 10-15k CZK.

- Salary: 60-70k CZK is super!


Hey Jean,

Thank you very much for your answer. Much appreciated.

Do you know any good websites for renting flats?

Many thanks,



Sreality dot cz is the reference.


Wow, crazy salary. You will certainly enjoy Prague. Its save and fun here and lots of Romanians here :)

For finding flats:

Good luck :)

Hey shinamee!

Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

Well I am not romanian, however, I'll definitely enjoy meeting expats from each and every nationality.

Take care,


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