Got job offer in Prague. Is this salary good?


I got a job offer from Prague. Salary is 55 000 Czk Net. Is this good? How much is avarage to rent a flat? What about living costs?

Hey Gomez1,

That's an above average salary here, especially if the job includes a company car/expenses which is very common in Czech.  Of course, living in Prague is the most expensive part of the country, but if you shop around, you can find good deals on rent.  If you live rural like I do, your money goes very far indeed.  The average net salary nationally is about 22000 and the economy is scaled accordingly for the most part.  1/2 liter of beer is about 60 euro cents or 20 czk.  I think you'll find that 55000 net would let you live quite comfortably, if you are careful about your living and transportation costs.  If you don't mind a commute, you can find houses and flats outside of Prague in smaller villages for 1/10 of the cost of living in Prague city center.

Hey did you get the offer.even I am trying to find a job in Prague

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