search for blood giver category AB- un Cairo please tonight

Please may my request is very strange but it's an emergency case we need blood giver in cairo

mostachfa etaamine, somebody needs blood category is AB-

please anyone have this category of blood dont hesitate this man needs your help.

mostchfa El Taameen in cairo.

repet!  insurance hospital in Cairo, a patient needs a blood ,category of blood Ab- please help him to do an operation .

Check Egyptian Blood Bank and Resala.

they Already checked but thx anyway sist...

I suggest that you call the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, D.C. (USA) -
TEL: 202.966.6342
FAX: 202.244.4319
I called their telephone number a few minutes ago and spoke to their telephone operator who transferred me to a person, not in his office. If someone in the Embassy in Washington calls someone in the Egyptian Health Ministry in Cairo... I believe that this man shall obtain his blood.

Best wishes and Good Luck.

Hello Mr.JAMES

i really appreciate your effort and your collaboration, I will call the embassy and I 'll see what can they do for this poor man who needs the blood for an emergency case which is surgery of heart so thankful to you Sir and God bless you.

My Best Regards.
Miss B. Basma.

why should they call the Egyptian embassy in Washington the man is Egyptian and live in Cairo

i posted your emergency demand in group called expats volunteer in Egypt on the Facebook.

I suggested that Biso contact the Egyptian Embassy in Washington D.C. because a country's embassy is able to accomplish more to help their citizens if embassy staff are aware that American citizens are aware of a situation in which a citizen of that (Egypt) country requires medical help and the staff is also aware that Americans are aware of that need and the Americans are trying to help that (Egypt) country's citizens.

I do not wish to argue with you or further discuss this. I simply hope and pray that Egyptian man in need of heart surgery, who needs the AB Negative blood, receives the needed blood and operation - in time.

May God be gracious and help.

I'll be Always thankful to Any suggests and i welcome and appreciate all preposition for one thing is to help and save a soul no matter how or from who since the matter is very important ,  so thanks again Mr.James and thankfully we found the quantity needed for the patient from. the hospital , but now they still awaiting for the volunteers who can give the blood directly while the operation. so now I have only to pray God to save this poor man (  patient) to save and recovering him soon .

Thanks Mr.James and everyone .

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