Medical healthcare system

Is healthcare free in Egypt?
I am trying to figure out the real truth about medical care system in Egypt, is it completely private in 100% , or is it completely free in 100% so subsidized by egyptian government, like by health ministry or similar institutions?, or maybe it's too half paid, too half free, so 50 % - 50%?, how it really is?
what is subsidized then?, what is subsidized in 100%, so completely free, then....?
what about cancer care?, chemotheraphy? and after cancer treatment: free medical tests,
like: after finish ur cancer treatment, every cancer  past patient should to have every 3 months - to the rest of his life!!!:  full check up: should to have done all kind of medical tests. is it possible and free in Egypt?
and what about free  rehabilitation and free physiotherapy in Egypt?, like free physiotherapist for backbone /broken, distorted, painful backbone/, broken leg, cancer and after cancer free physiotheraphy for ur painful leg, arm,  for blood clots in ur arms, etc. is it free in Egypt?
is physiotheraphy even free in Egypt?

From where you got the idea its free?

my husband nd some friends from Egypt- Egyptians told me, if it's governmental medical care then it's free...?
and that maybe cancer care in governmental hospital is also free?
is that truth?
is governmental medical care system completely free in egypt or 50% paid or what?
i am now on cancer treatment in my country, where it's 100% all free, also after my treatment all checking up be also for free... CT scan, etc/if it's done in governmental  hospital, but in private it's not free for sure, for example CT scan cost in Poland 18.000LE 1 time to make  for whole body to scan , CT scan of 1 part of ur body like head cost  5 000le, PET SCAN cost around 20 000le, but if u making ur treatment in free governmental hospital then it's be for free, for sure/, , so in Egypt even governmental care in governmental hospital it's not for free?

First of all, I guess in your country healthcare isn't 'free' either. At least for Germany I can say its kind of public insurance for which a pay about 8% of my salary. If you do not work or you're still studying, you're covered, too, on the expenses of those working. More or less the same system applies to most EU countries I guess...
Here in Egypt I would pay almost any price to avoid being in a public hospital. Private hospitals are not up to the standard back home, either. Treatment in public hospitals is almost free. I don't know about cancer care actually. Some cancer drugs are really expensive, I don't think this will be given in a public hospital. As for MRI and CT scan and any expensive investigations, I think its available but expect a looong time waiting for it. My husband is working a lot with xrays and the quality from public hospitals is not at all up to the standard.
Very good option are hospitals for the army. Care is relatively good, equipment up to date and not overcrowded. Some are accesible for civilians but I don't know about foreigners. i doubt...

ok. thank You so much for Your help.
so even private hospitals like in 6 October city, I heard there is 2 most expensive in whole egypt private egyptian-american hospitals, are also not as good?can't even comapre with"free" so governmental /covered by workers/ medical care hospitals? really?..., gosh, so where I should to go?, for me I have cancer nd other really serious diseases!, some genetics, given since i was born or since small kid..., so I need to be under regular serious medical care!, need regular medical check up nd tests, long investigations.. nd like u said with this medical care in euro countries, excaept there be some groups of people that always be have free medical care: cancer patients, pregnant women, babies, new born , kids nd teens under 19 years old, students under 26 or 27 years old, disabled people, mentally ill, disordered-disturbed people, schizopfrenic/so mentally ill/,elderly, old people, retired, war weterans, national heros, etc, and this who not working be covered for actuall workers,  and families-housewifes, kids, wifes, farmer's wifes be covered by them husbands, even if he be not working but having disabled group.
so in Egypt nothing like that?
and in old times medical insurance- so medical care- it was all for free! in whole eastern european countries, balkans, balkan countries, so also in Poland, in non- european union countries, but after , since we r joined european union, then unfortunately all it's going to be worst for eastern europe, also medical insurance isn't any more free for all kind  of social groups, even those, who not working or were never working in them whole life. so homeless can have free medical acre, but only with identity card, but as they r homeless they often dnt have that its so bad for them,, nd in old times, comunist times, before joined european union even, homeless people need to show them id card, or any document, that is proving them identity..
any way.., i heard , that most expensive hospitals r in 6 th of October City, 1 is:
Dar Al Fouad Hospital
second one is:
Souad Kafafi Memorial Hospital, belongs to Private Misr University for Science and Technology.

I heard from some egyptians and my husband ,that this two - they should be good hospitals, best in Egypt  /at least the best as for arabic and egyptian medical care conditions, and not as bad compare to european standards/ and also most expensive, is that truth?
so, still this 2 hospitals and any other one- they aren't as good as european hospitals, can't even compare according to the standards???
i am really stressed now nd so scary, i have also small baby daughter, here we r going with  our kids every 1 month for general check up to pediatrician.., nd give all needed vaccine..
then we have all kind of especiality children's hospitals, nd doctors: like: children's immunology doctor, diabates doctor etc.
are they also in Egypt?, or nothing like that?
i guess, not free, right?, nd the standards of them maybe not as european doctor's standards, right?,

I have already experienced egyptian doctors standards, when i was pregnant nd i had advanced cancer, like they didnt recogni. my pregnancy diabetes, my cholestasis of pregnancy nd many other diseases!, that were dangerous to me, nd my un born that time baby ..., nd didnt even recogn. my cancer!, told me i am fine, there is no cancer!, not checked me , not did needed tests etc., nd i was going to called "luxury", very expensive medical clinics, doctors, nd hospitals!. i was in shock! . after i came back to my native country- Poland, i was in shock!, so do my polish doctors!,
i am so sensitive, so do my baby, nd i need good doctors, not like egyptian women...
so now i dnt know what to do then?, where to go for good medical care there...?

Like anywhere in the world... It may take some time to find the suitable doctor for you and your baby daughter. The good news is even private clinics would never charge as much as a private clinic in Germany for example. Don't know about poland... Same for investigations.
Immunisation for kids is free btw, go to the nearest public vaccination office. Vaccination is pretty much encouraged, any school or nursery will ask you for the vaccination paper.
I wonder, does ur husband take your condition serious? He is telling you that public hospitals here are up to western standards? Just walk in and see. I've been to the ER in a public hospital which was the nearest when my brother in law had an accident once... Oh dear... First thing after we went out was to ask my husband what to do in order to never have to go to such place myself...
Question is, can your husband provide the neccessary treatment for you or not, I mean could he pay for private treatment? For me thats the serious question here...

Btw I delivered one of my babies in what they call the best maternity hospital in Egypt, I had cesarian there. Surgery room was spotless, really and very professional care. But the nurses and the care after... Not at all up to western standards... I ran home as soon as I could get up from bed ;)

HAHA! Nothing is free here.

People will not do anything, before you even give them pocket money.
I'm really sorry, that you had such a positive energy about this, too bad it ain't so.

I normally live in Denmark, but now in Egypt - and in Denmark, yes indeed everything is almost free. Be on the hospital for a year, even free. So it's hard to live in a country like this, when it's about health. 100% ..

Have a nice day :-)

ok. some things still need to change in Egypt, to make him a good country.
the country for all kind of people, richest nd the poorest class...
health care, the quality of national, governmental, free education, religious freedom.. , even freedom of dressing code, then toleracny for all kind of nationalities, and more freedom for ladies, also stop sexual harrassment,e tc., so it's so much to do...ehhhhhhhhhh

so what about private medical insurance? like tourist, foreigners may buy- signal iduna, ibupa, axa, etc.
does it cover cancer treatment nd any other medical care?
i think no private insurance cover CT, Pet Ct scan...
does it even cover blood tests?

i have also private insurance from my egyptian husband, as his wife, we have there 60% discount of all private medical care sectors in Egypt.., but i think PET, CT scan, even EKG, USG, other especial tests - still be the way too expensive, nd no 1 normal would like to pay for them , if in his own country, can have it all for free........, and private medical care is also very expensive there, as i was going to most famous immunology doctor, then to 2 gynecologist, 1 obstetrician, nd some other doctors too, they were costing me so much, not to mention blood tests so expensive, compre to europe, even in western europe cost so little,,,, and all of this doctors, called "most famous" there, were not good at all...
if u not need to go that much often to many kind of doctors, then its fine, but worst is, if u in my situation..

If your husband is Egyptian and you were married legally abroad or in Egypt then by the Egyptian Laws you are considered and treated as Egyptian citizen in everything .. and also have the same medical rights as any citizen .. you are not treated differently in any medical insurance .. regarding the healthcare providers, well there are the biggest and the medium .. i know from experience that Allianz and AXA both have health insurance policies that covers everything including Cancers and dental insurance as well,  there are different limits for about 3-5 health care insurance plans the lowest one covers until 200,000 EGP every year as i remember.

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