Summer Camp for Kids in Amman

Hi all, I want to share a great summer camp for kids in Amman!
It's called Summer Camp at The Zone
The website is

It's for kids ages 5-16, both boys & girls.
There are 14 different activities, from Spanish language to sports to cooking, art...etc etc.

I personally designed this summer camp to make sure it's easy for you as the parent, so door-to-door transportation and laundry service are even options!

Please contact me directly if you're interested in hearing more or visit the above website :)

You can post your event in the community section, sub events to reach more people.

Thanks for the tip!!

You're welcome 😊

I asked one of the team members, who's specialised in organising events, to contact you as he might can assist you.
Thinking in terms of spreading the word or how to reach more people.

Dear, thank you so much for this great information!!

when it will start and where exactly ?

This would be great - they can contact me at +xxx

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Hi Fawaz, the 1st session starts July 2 here. You can find all the information on the website:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Keti,

Are you interested in signing your kids up?

Hello Penguincj,
Please if you know English teacher for my daughter in Amman let me know.

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