New to Dalian, like to meet more new friends..

Hi... good day to all of you.

I am from Malaysia...Newbie in dalian. Hope to make more new friends here.

Meantime, i would also like to meet more friends in sales and healthcare sectors.

Thanks. ..have a nice day.

Hi Myke, nice to meet you. I hope Dalian is treating you well! Dalian has a little of everything, but I am definitely most proud of the cleaner air here compared to most cities in the northeast.

What brings you to Dalian? My name is Ron, feel free to add me in your contacts. I am from California, but have been living in Dalian for 2 years now. Feel free to message me anytime =)


Hi Ron,  How are you?

Good to hear from you. 

Well,  i am currently working on a project in Dalian... That is why i am here.

So what brings you to Dalian? 

Do you use wechat?  You can add me at wechat  xxx

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have a nice day

Hi ... 
How are you ?

Im From Brazil and im living in dalian.
Do you still living in Dalian ?

Im trying to make friends,
my intentions is to change information
and get strong together to win in Dalian.

Partners Are more  stronger,

Nice to meet you.

have a nice day

Hi !!! Myke8
My Name is Ramires Im from Brazil.

i Came to Dalian to work at Shipyard Cosco,
I was working in a Brazilian company the Project P-75 and P-77.
but now I am unemployed and I am Looking for job.

which Kind of Project are you Working ?

nice to meet you and have a nice Day.

Hello Guys,

I have just moved to Dalian too. I see most of the post are outdated. I hope there are still some expats living here )) If so please write back so we can get in touch !

Hi everyone 😊
We live in America and are planning to move to Dalian  for my husband ‘s work for 2  years . We are originally from India and I am vegan and rest of the family : vegetarians . I wanted to know more  about schooling for my kids aged 12 and 5 and also about the housing , libraries , Indian grocery store , climate , school bus facility  etc .

Would appreciate to get in touch with a family living there .
Thanks in advance 👍

Hi Ron,

My family and I are moving to Dalian this summer. We are looking for house to rent. Do you think you can help with this?


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