Expat group in Dalian?

Does anyone know if there is still an expat group in Dalian?
There use to be one, but I can't find it.

I am in Shunde..also very close I have searched for the last 6 months..if there is still a group... they must be in hiding  ha ha ha because I cannot find them..

I know there use to be one.
I think the poeple who started it went back home.
I think its time for a new one, we can have our first meetup in July, it will leave enough time to get the word out.
Even if its just 3or 4 poeple when it starts, I am sure it will grow.
Maybe we can have our first meetup at Maan coffee, I will ask them to put a notice up.
I hope you will join!!

hey I would be happy to come if its before July 12 ..Im going on a trip on July 14.. and will be away until end of July

I was a member on dalianxpat.com but the website is no longer there. Shame as it was a great source of information. I am in Dalian for the latter part of July, I know the Dalian beer festival is on over that period as well!!!

try 海尊假日 hotel. close to zhongshan square.still cant find them , i will give you a number let you find them

I want to join an expat group. Let's start one. It would be sweet to hangout over some beers and share tips or war stories =p

Maybe we can decide on a Saturday night and a some cool hangouts to choose from?

That a great idea!!!
So lets decide on a date, I know allot of pl will only get back from holiday after the National break, so maybe after that?

There is a really nice little bar in Zhongshan called Shamrocks maybe we can have our first meet up there with some cold beers.
What do u think?

I'm all in for that! You had me at "cold beer" haha. We can create an event and for this then. You mean national holiday as in the week long one in October, right? I actually have to take a business trip to Thailand during that week too =)

How about I can throw out some dates soon and see what might work best for people who see these posts? I can't wait =p

Yip, I mean the October week. I will also be away for that week and the last week of Sept.
I know some expats have a long holiday during that time.
NICE!!! u going to Thailand :)

YES!!! great idea👍!!!!!
Its gonna be awesome to have a meet up!

Okay, I was looking at a calendar and it looks like October 15 or 22 would be the next Saturdays after the holiday. Which day would work better for you? I'm gonna create a new forum post and hopefully gather some folks together for this! I'll pitch Shamrocks as the meeting point.

By the way, I've moved the conversation to this thread: http://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=605957

Here is a gathering for anyone who wants to join on October 22nd:

http://www.expat.com/en/events/asia/chi … greet.html

Please come out if you are available! I'm hoping to have a gathering every couple months, if not every month. It'll be great to meet you guys in person =)

Neither can I...I use to use Dalian expat but it no longer exists.
IM only looking to meet people to chat and share experiences about Dalian.


Hey all,

I wanted to share a new website I'm building that's specific to people living in Dalian. I've been in Dalian for about 2 years now and I know well the HUGE difference it makes if you can find helpful people whenever you are moving and even better if you can build your own community of friends... so that's what this website is about. The link is: dalianfriends.me

I've spent the last half year slowly meeting various expats and locals alike who are each building or are already woven into their own networks. It's not uncommon to walk outside in Dalian and see at least a few non-Chinese faces here and there on the streets and wonder where they're from and if they are plugged in anywhere?

But it wasn't until recently I was invited to a labor day BBQ on the beach and there were 200 different foreigners (with some locals mixed in, I'm sure) from all around the world represented there!!! It was such a surprise and such a beautiful and amazing experience. I realized the truth is that there are so many lovely people to meet in Dalian: expats, visitors, and locals each with their own stories worth listening to. I wish I could've had more time to get to know them all...!

The real problem is figuring out how and where to meet people. Almost everyone is on WeChat in one group or another, but these groups are divided and unsearchable unless you find someone who knows someone to invite you in. I am part of a chat group now that has 50 members which has been an incredible blessing to me, but also can be hit or miss for some members of the group, considering the mix of interests and personalities in there.

So I am having this site built out, dalianfriends.me, please try it out if you are new or old or just visiting Dalian. I need help with real feedback from people. The goal is to help people specific to Dalian get connected with others in town based on common interests and hopefully based on a love for the city and helping others.

Thanks and feel free to message me here on expat.com anytime <3


All expats are always welcome to come to Jinshitan and make friends with the MLIS teachers here.

By the way, just wondering if anyone here owns a two wheeled gas powered vehicle?

Hi there,
Nice to meet you. It's a pity that I can't help you with the gas issue. Would love to make new friends though.
Wondering whether you know any French who has teaching experience. I'm looking for a French tutor to help my boy prepare the TCF/TEF test. 

Thanks in advance.

no problem, you can call me though if you ever have a free weekend. xxx personally I go out once in awhile but there are a fair few dinner and hangout events that occur, I could invite you out sometime if you wanted to meet more people.

Thanks for reaching out and ya we have some french teachers who may be available for hire. You would need to speak to them about it though.

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@sarana @cbono19

thank you so much for creating this website, I will try it out today.

hey everyone who are new and old in dalian, i would like to join your club if you have one or let's make one. please connect with me and message me.

see you all in august


There are many clusters of expat groupings in Dalian, but not any one place or point to connect everyone. I do have one wechat group that is very welcoming for new people to the area, which I can add you to if you'd like =)

I am also starting a monthly beach meetup during the summer/fall. I haven't been publicizing it yet, but in August once I've set a date, I will let everyone know.

Dalian (China in general) is definitely a bit of a culture shock getting used to the public transportation, food, and the people, oh the people! But once you can kind of adjust yourself to all of that, there are many things to enjoy like the parks, great views by the ocean, seafood is cheap and amazing, all kinds of fruit, BBQ, hotpot, Korean food haha. And the smog here is usually better than the rest of Northeast China.

Anyway, it would be nice to meet up whenever you arrive in August.

hi would like to know more of this expat group as I am new in dalian and would like to meet friends out here

hi nice of you to bring about a few unknown things about dalian
am interested in knowing more about it as I really would like to have new friends out here in Dailian
how do I contact this group of friends

If you are ever in Jinshitan just send me a wechat message if you ride motorcycles or scooters; have a weekend to kick around; or play sports like football, soccer, frisbee or hall hockey.

Our school has an ice hockey time, always looking for more teammates, once a week go to the ice and then usually there are tournaments once a month-every two months in different place  a round Dalian.

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