I HAVE SHIFTED TO SALALAH ONE MONTH BACK AND WORKING AS DOCTOR IN PVT HOSPITAL. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION. I GOT FEEDBACK FROM ALL EMPLOYERS THAT they ARE NOT PAYING REGULARLY. SOME OF THEM GOT salary after 6 months. AND THEY ARE NOT GIVING NOCs to those who have resigned before completion of contract. I just wanted to know if i plan to leave and wish to continue working in oman with different hospital, whether my current employer will provide me NOC or i will have to finish my contract.
and if i wish to work in other gulf country before completion of my contract,is it necessary to get NOC and clearance from present employer....

To leave your current employer and work elsewhere in Oman you must have an NOC, and you won't get an NOC before you complete your contract and subject to approval by the Employer. Sometimes Employers refuse to give NOC so that you don't go work for a competitor firm.

If you wish to work in other gulf countries, you don't need an NOC and it has no effect at all.

thanks a lot  :)

Hi pinky8209,

The employer chooses whether or not they would 'grant' the employee with an NOC.

As unfair as it might sound, the hapless employee has zero say in that matter and is literally at the mercy of the employer.

NOC is currently an Omani scourge. The GCC is largely exempt from this bane.

Why don't you name your private hospital here in this forum so that people know how unscrupulous the management actually is.

Also, you must share your angst in the 'Salalah Forum' for the locals there to know what the truth of the matter really is.

Thanks a lot Mr. Sumitran.... can i complain in MOh regarding payment issue?

Hi pinky8209,

Yes indeed.

If you have worked and have not been paid for your work, then you have every right as an employee to complain to the authorities concerned.

You can also file an online complaint against your faulting employer in the Ministry of Manpower's website.

Hello pinky,
Do you need any assistance, i m in salalah.
Thank you

God Knows what happened to pinky ?

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Here we all are like slaves  to this NOC issue.

I am in Oman for 25 years  but no say to get my rights respectfully but to beg  only.

It is all at the disposal of the employer.

my contract for 45 hours per week as per the Govt Rules , but i am made to work 60 hrs per week  without any benefits . If you ask your rights and the violation of contract , you are showed the way out for two years . For doctors it is very horrible than others . Becz in two years time your practice licence is expired and you have to sit again for the licencing exam  even if you have already worked for 25 years in the health system of oman .

It is , as evident,  unfair and unjust  .

if you plan to go to challenge this to ministry of labour and manpower  then you are putting yourself to another trouble . you are sitting for months without salary on your expenses waiting for the decision . you can not do job elsewhere. you  will surely not get the NOC . and as i heard most of these employers have already have close relations  by somehow or other and will influence the process of getting a proper justice or you will be forced to negotiate and withdraw the case .

Further discussion and comments  are required by the members .

as sometimes 1+1 not 2 but 11

may benefits  to other members  or readers

or may be noticed by those at the helm of affairs with GOD fearing hearts and humane natures


But I believe that NOC should be removed, there are few disadvantages, any expat unknowingly joins to a company where he faces  lots of organizations problems. Less paid as he deserves, not paying salary on time, poor management, no scope for improvement, but still the employee should serve the contract term.

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