Expat Club MeetUp at Lasani Restaurant (Pakistani Food!)

Expat Club Meetup
Date: Friday, March 17th
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Lasani Restaurant

Come try some of the best Pakistani food on the island, as suggested by one of our group members! There's no RSVP charge, for those curious. Everyone is welcome, this isn't just for Expats, and feel free to bring friends!
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at long last , we are back in buisness , i will try my best to attend this time, really miss you guys

Well, I hope you can make it and yes- we are back! *cue music*

Thanks to everyone who made it to the MeetUp! :D Great food, great chat, and great people made this night awesome!

How many attended?

I think around 10 or 12?

Post some photos.
Would love to see the group members :)

And I have more posted on the MeetUp website from other events!

hope you had fun all


Well done. It's great to see people joining :)

Hopefully will be a part in the next one.

@mujtaba you still owe me coffee :p

i know  :shy  :cool:

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