where to fish in Bahrain?

I've been looking for a quiet place for fishing

if anyone have any idea, i'd really appreciate it


P.S.: bridges are made for cars to cross over, not for fishing O_o

I haven't seen many people doing it but the beach next to Bahrain Fort in Seef seems to be a quiet beach to use for fishing. Also the information on Fishing in Bahrain website might help.

Al Dar Island do nice fishing boat trips if you don't find a nice place.

Coral Bay also has a lot of people fishing there and they seem to have a lot of space between them so you won't feel cramped and crowded.

thanks for the information :)


Good fishing spots

Setrah bridge

The Three Muharraq bridges

Amwaj shores

al-Busaiteen buried shores

good luck

thanks Nawafo

i just wanna ask sir, how you go to buried Busaiteen shores? please help..i wanna go there...

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