Hello ! I am tunisian, I am studying Marketing, I am willing to continue my studies in London.  Would you please help me find a good university in which I can continue my master`degree ? (And I Also want to know if is easy to get a  scolarship knowing that I have very good results)
Thank you !

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At the top of the page is our Handy Tools section.  Included in that are our Expat Guides, which contain articles that will help provide answers to your questions.

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Hello Yasmin, welcome to expat blog forum. :)

You have not mentioned whether you wish to pursue studies at BS or Master's level.

Moreover Marketing has been further specialized in at least 2 dozen types, simple main option of an MBA with major in marketing, MM (Masters degree in marketing, International marketing, or Advertising and so on.

You need to explore your future plans and review your carrier path.

As a Tunisian, since your communication skills will be comparatively better in French, I suggest you consider studying in France as well . You may also feel at home there since there is Arabic speaking north African community in most large cities.

For scholarships,  I will not very optimistic, some universities offer up to 50% towards tuition fees in the UK ( approximately between 4000 to 7500 pounds per year) . The best bet is to send emails to some popular Universities and inquire about available scholarships.

As you have mentioned , you have excellent academic record, for such students, USA offers maximum number of scholarships. There are numerous web sites which give details, let me know if you need guidance.  :)

Hi there,
I would suggest you apply to the top universities as you are having good grades.

good grades means good universities so chose among them. all the best.

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