Salsa Classes

Iam looking for salsa classes in Riyadh. If anyone knows please tell me


A quick search of the forum will find several possibilities.

All the topics are long time ago

Hi, try to inquire in RANCO COMPOUND, i heard from a friend that they have a salsa lesson but that was long time back.

if you found one please let me know

Anoudaj :

All the topics are long time ago

The last such post was ab advert for dance classes starting 4 Nov 2016, being posted on 26 Oct 2016.

Hi to all.
I am interested in Salsa either. I would like to start as soon as possible.

Please inform us

Regards to all

Hello All, any ideas where I can find a salsa dancing lesson in Riyadh?

I'm interested too.
If anyone knows plz pm me here

I don't you will find official. maybe for some female Gym but not salsa

I can teach salsa as well for anyone who might be interested to learn

Hello Dear,

Please advice how to reach you and where are these classes held, and for how much.
With Thanks,,

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