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Hello everyone!

My husband and I bought a plot of land and now planning to build a house on it. Can anyone recommend an architect and contractors based on your own house building experience? We are looking for someone who offers reasonable prices and can complete the project on time. There are so many companies in the business directory. It is hard to choose not knowing who they are.


Hi Yana,

Try DNT Associates



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I live in the UK and going through the same process. I do, however, have the advantage of knowing Mauritius very well as I was born there.

I would suggest getting your plans drawn by using the internet site People Per Hour ( which will be much cheaper and less fuss) and then get a Mauritian architect to rubber stamp it.  As for builders,  you can very easily get ripped off and in which event you will be faced with the even greater nightmare of finding a competent lawyer.  (I am still to this day trying very hard to find a notaire/avoue who is knowledgeable and above all professional ..... ) 

I would suggest that you ask the builders to provide you with a Performance/Completion Bond and perhaps enter into a contract with an arbitration clause. This is particularly important if you have a high value contract. You may also wish to insert a clause for all disputes to be dealt with in English or some other EU courts.

I have had experience of a team of builders last year who I can trust. If you are still stuck with builders, let me know.


Hi, try Leadstream Contracting LTD

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